Mumbai Rides with Flights Riders

We made 2 rides during this month and the 3rd we are planning.

To start with we made our first ride on 3rd Jan 2020 with our 450X flight. Starting point >> Gateway of India >> Marine Drive >> CSMT >> Mahalaxmi (Ather Grid - that was not working :joy: but we managed) >> Bandra Ather EC.

Gateway of India (The Taj Mahal Palace)

Early morning lot of people comes for a walk or bicycle and this was head attention with so many people started asking questions

Marine Drive

CSMT (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus also known as Victoria Terminus is a historic terminal train station and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mumbai, Maharashtra)

At last, we visited Bandra Ather EC to take the delivery of our new members @dkp.thane & Amaya Tatke

Second ride on 17th Jan 2020. Starting point >> Bandra Ather EC >> Mahalaxmi (Ather Grid - this time it was working :wink: ) >> Marine Drive >> Starbucks (Horniman Circle).

Mumbai Ather Gang

Mumbai Ather EC

Starbucks (Horniman Circle)

Many more rides to come… (#Warpwords most of our riders have killed their range anxiety :wink: ICE scooters you guys better watch out… :rofl:)


Is there any whatsapp group for that

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