Mumbai Ather trips nearby

Hi Mumbai folks,

Trying to get a list up for all places around Mumbai you can do either a day trip or overnight trip. Can you please append ideas?

Day Trip (<35 km from nearest Ather Grid)

  1. Karnala - top up at Nerul
  2. Pelhar - top up at Borivali
  3. Tungareshwar - top up at Borivali
  4. Yeur - top up at Thane

Overnight Trip (<70-75 km from nearest Ather Grid)

  1. Alibaag - via RoRo ferry
  2. Karjat - top up at Nerul
  3. Khopoli - top up at Nerul
  4. Matheran (to base) - top up at Nerul / Ulhasnagar
  5. Bhatsa - top up at Thane / Ulhasnagar
  6. Tansa - top up at Thane / Ulhasnagar

If Ather Grid is added to Panvel - the 70km range from there extends to Lonavala with spare for the climb.


Chargers at Nerul and now like 4 of them in the vicinity is sooo important for a lot many leisure rides. I love it. :heart::heart: Need a few in Lonavala.


Need a fast charger grid at Panvel and Khopoli to enable to reach Lonavala