Moving to Bangalore

I am moving from Chennai to Bangalore next month . I will be staying in PG but I am confused wether I should take my Ather 450x to Bangalore as there is less chance of PG’s allowing to charge . I have a portable charger , can anyone advise me on what are the possibilities ?

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If your PG allows you to charge then you should definitely take the scooter. But if its only temporary situation and you are coming back then its not worth the hassle. For longer duration you can also charge it at Ather grid in Bengaluru they have plenty of it.


Just talk around the neighborhood and check if any generous people will let you charge at their place (eg: hotels, offices etc) on daily basis.


Try joining the bachelors room then you will get plug point from your owner at basement.


you can post the location, Ather owners can help in providing a plug point for you to charge regularly and you can pay for the units consumed