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Hahaha for them scooter is also unnecessary

Itna sach mat bolo saare comments like nhi kr skta :joy::joy:

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Those who are saying Coasting regen is useless. I managed to find a glitch that lets us use Coasting regen in older vehicles.

Here is with and without regen efficiency. In the same road.


Yo, what is that glitch :joy:.

Or don’t say it, at least you will get to use the costing regen, just don’t let the gov know

HoMoLogaTion :eyes::ghost:

DM Karo will share.

Update it is not working anymore.

2 different mode used and less km

Check wh/km

Second is only sport and first is sports+warp.

Ideally without regen wh/km would have been higher. But it isn’t and speed is higher too.

Here is entire 20km

So what are you implying here? There is Regen after releasing the throttle

that coasting regen is useful and should be availble to older users duh

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Seriously what is the use of this forum, the in labs features has still not yet come out, no backward compatibility ,no 80% optimized charging Or any other options to customize, I assume the dashboard hardware cannot handle many things, hence gov regulations…

They promote regen but Ather :woozy_face:

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Well Ola clearly is not the premium company so they have multiple levels of regen. But as Ather has their hands tied due to homologation (cough gatekeeping cough) they cannot provide the new costing regen which is 3x stronger and can increase the range further.


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How is premium and multiple Regen co - related? No one’s hand is tied Ather can do recertification of vehicle if they want. Ola has come up with feature like hill hold auto turn indicator and many more things

Bro ola main log gola kha kar features release kar rahe, Ather Mai responsible log hai, gormint regulations ko full sapoot karte hai isiliye features nhi de pa rahe.


Ok, i don’t think you saw /s at the bottom. That means sarcasm.

So, you and me are on same page, I just said it sarcastically :wink:

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Hi Arnab. I’ve dropped you a dm.

Matlab kuch bhi :smiley:

That’s sarcasm at it’s peak samjo na yar