Motor off when riding

:flushed::flushed::flushed: it is a fatal incident . When we meet this incident in the middle of the rush road what can we do?. i will get tremor

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It’s been just 3 months since I’ve recieved 450. Having frequent issues with motor error and drive cut off. M019. 5th occurrance so far and no solution. If the issue persists i shall approach the courts.


My Ather450 suddenly shows up “Low power mode - pull to safety and turn off the key”. Motor shuts down. This happened 8 times in last 3 days. I called customer care, the person instructed me to shut down and start up the dashboard. I did so, problem stopped temporarily but it returned back. I was asked to call customer care again if the problem repeated so that they can arrange a pick up. I am calling customer care but my call is not answered.

Also there is another problem. While on the move, the scooter shuts down and reboots on its own.

Both problems are FATAL on the road.

Very Bad, Ather, I didn’t expect this type of experience. That too so early in the ownership.

Please fix the problem ASAP or take back the vehicle and return my money.

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I also got same problem I gave for service. But same problem I got within 5 days of service. Second time I gave for service. They changed key and lock. Now is ok. I am not getting the problem.


Service pickup scheduled

Hi @premindia871215,

Are your issues fixed on the Ather ? I have got an Ather delivered 4 days back from chennai and i am facing similar issues like yours. The motor gets cut in between the rides and it does not move a bit after that. i will have to get down from the vehicle and move it to the side of the road. I have to turn off wait for few minutes and then turn on for the vehicle to run normally. Not sure what is causing this issue ? I took the vehicle for registration today and for nearly 30 kms up and down the motor cut has happened nearly 8 to 9 times. Are anyone facing this issue or is it a bug ? can someone help me out on this ? @abhishek.balaji, @rajeshkav

Hi Rajvel, Sorry to hear this.

  1. Can you check what is the version of OTA you have? Present running OTA is It used to be an OTA bug little earlier.

  2. If the OTA version is same as above, then other possible issue is related to ignition key.

I request you to flag the issue immediately to Customer Care without any wait. Please update once this problem is solved.

Thanks for the response @rajeshkav. Yes the version is same I have taken the vehicle from Chennai to Salem. do i need to send the vehicle back to chennai for this issue to be resolved ?

Also when the motor is cut the display is on and it shows the “motor on” status on the display as well. other electricals are working fine like the blinkers, headlights etc., is this still related to the ignition key ?

This was not the case to me earlier. Looks little different. Anyway, Customer Care people are best to answer you. Please log without further wait.

Thanks @rajeshkav i will log this with the CC people and see what they have to say on this issue

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