Motor off when riding

Today I was on the road and the motor stopped responding… I had to pull over and restart the dashboard and try again…
What could be the reason?
What if i was on the highway?
Is it due to the new update?

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Please report to customer care… I too had this issue but they helped to fix it


If power off and on (key) solved the issue ??
Then it might be issue with key itself.
Call ather they will replace the same.
For me I happened thrice. After many vibrations due to non smooth road the key contact with the circuit disconnected that time scooter won’t respond untill u restart the vehicle.

It happened only once.
It the problem repeats, i will contact the team!

I too faced the same issue, was riding at about 10 kms speed navigating a slope, the motor completely shutdown and scooter restarted automatically .
Luckily it was a traffic less place .
Have reported the issue , but there is no reponse from past 3 days from customer care. I have never had the shutdown on the road from day 1 I bough the vehicle , some how 4.x firmware seems to have many glitches , 2.x was lot stable .

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Again Today 22nd October 10.46 am , had parked the scooter outside while shopping, turned on the key and scooter restarted ,
latest firmware seems to be unstable. Loaded with Features is the last thing im looking in a scooter. Looking for a stable firmware. Feeling like a beta tester for the vehicle.
2 compalints raised with the Ather team, no response so far its been 4 days now.
Looks lile @Ather.Team is least bother .
Let me roll back to older firmware.

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Don’t worry, I too faced retesting issues in this version as well as in the earlier versions. You will be able to drive normally. For 30 to 40 seconds we may not have display. Ignore it and drive.

My concern here is that scooter restarted in the middle of the road and vehicle stopped for 30-40 seconds, I never had this issue on any other firmware and the ECO mode is the last thing any I want to use.

For me vehicle has not stopped. Raise a complaint through app. Get it checked.

I have raised 2 tickets but response is very slow .

Hey, please reach out to customer care for this issue. You can call them +917676600900 to register a request and they’ll get back to you.

I raised a complaint via email and ather reached back… I will monitor for another week or 2 and bring it to IBC centre for checkup…


I too had same problem in my 450. Turned out to be a hardware problem and service team fixed it.

Let me observe for a week Rajesh and let me decide on sending it to ather service…

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After investigation they have replaced the lock on the vehicle yesterday …they suspected a lock issue … as they are not seeing any issues as per my reported time on the vehicle.
So far so good… need to monitor for few days …


It worked for me too…

Motor power off in the middle of the road.
It occured 5 times consecutively in the busy roads of Chennai (purasaiwalkam high road)
I did hard reset, and even after that I got the issue.
Called ather service. They visited and was not able to find any fault with bike

If this would have happened in highways. I could have met with fatal accident. Still not sure how ather 450 passed the test.

Unhappy with the half baked product.

This didn’t stop. Right from the first day , I am facing issues , but since they were not fatal like this one , I didn’t care to report.
When I tried turning on the bike . The display was not on , only backlight was on, after almost 45 mins it came back by itself… then i was told it’s a known bug, happens in no signal areas. So ather released a half baked product and playing with peoples life.
This is not a smartphone to clear the bugs after every update. Updates are meant to introduce new features and improve the performance of the bike.
Ather please don’t use us for beta testing.

One of my friend is also facing issue turning on the vehicle. He tries to turn on the vehicle with the key. Display turns on and turns off after few seconds.


I am sorry to hear the issue.

  1. If the motor turns off while you are on move, it is hardware issue. It is really dangerous and fatal. Please report to Customer Service. For 2 of the vehicle in Bengaluru, it turned out to be ‘Ignition Key Issue’. Upon replacement, it got solved.

  2. If the display turns off and motor still continues, i suggest you to watch and report.

  3. On other reported issue of screen NOT turning on, i have no clue :frowning:

Hmmm this happens infrequently for me too, mostly when it’s parked for a long time. Use the two brakes + ignition (Ctrl+Alt+Del of Ather ) for about 7 seconds and it should fix most network issues and display not turning on.

Do report this to customer care over a call or email and they’ll arrange a service visit/pickup.


Today my Ather motor got disengaged for almost 2 times while driving but somehow after shutting it down it came back to life. I can see some horrible stories regarding this issue hope it may not affect me that much but planning to call the CC to look into this matter