Motor communication error

Today only I got the delivery of Ather 450 and already facing an issue, while riding the bike there was no network connectivity after sometime, while riding the bike the motor switched off automatically and after few times I got the error “Motor Communication Error - M042”, I got panicked and called Ather customer care they said to shutdown the vehicle and restart it, I did but still t persisted, as my home was nearby I somehow managed to reach, but what if I was far away? This is such a bad experience that too on the first day of purchasing the vehicle, kindly resolve this issue ASAP as I have invested a huge amount on this vehicle…

Bro it’s really sad to hear this. But the have a good customer support team. This can be never seen in any other brands. Wish soon the issue is resolved.

If you continue to face the issue, Please log a service request with customer support so they can have it picked up for diagnosis.

In my personal experience, their support is top notch, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

I already did, they are picking up the vehicle today but I lost the first impression

Thanks I have informed the customer support

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