Monthly Usage Log Beta - 4

Hey @OpenLabsBetaGroup ,

We are rolling out one more beta. This will be the last beta before we roll out the Monthly Usage Log to all owners. We’ll be sending you the reports for January-February-March 2020 together over email. Do take a look and report any bugs in the three reports below.

Note: If you’ve not used your vehicle in any of the three months, the report for that month would not be sent to you.


I got 3 reports for Jan-Mar.

And, Only Feb report says my name. Jan and March belongs to some one else. Please check.

I got someone else’s reports for all 3 months! Someone by the name Ravi.

Hey folks,

We’re pausing the rollout for now to fix the bug reported.

Jan and Feb reports are mine, but March is not in my name.

Jan and feb reports are in my name but March reports are in the name of Natarajan.

Same here! 3 different names in 3 reports. @Ather.Team, come on… vital privacy QCs! :sweat_smile:

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I got my reports for all three months. No bugs/issues there. However one place where I have a bug is the home charging units’ consumption.

SmartSelect_20200408-213512_Office In the March report it says, I’ve consumed 22 units in March and 56 units in Feb. Whereas in the Feb report it says I’ve consumed 34 units in Feb and 33 units in Jan. The 56 is incorrect and I don’t know where is is coming from. I compared with the data I have and all other data are matching except this 56. It looks like Feb and March units are added somehow!

I don’t mind if this number is used for this quarter’s reimbursement :grin:


hi i received the reports for Jan, Feb & Mar yesterday.
However the March report received is not mine, it actually belongs to another person. Kindly have a look into it.

Only Feb report is mine and Jan & Mar reports are someone’s, received wrong reports

Further to this…I got the reimbursement for 81.1units.

If I take the lowest number of units from all 3 monthly reports, the sum is 89 units (33+34+22). Even with whatever approximations…it can’t be below 86 units. So where did this 8 or 5 units go? Either the units in the report is incorrect or the one in the reimbursement incorrect.


Kindly have a check, It shows in Russian.


Jan 32 + Feb 17 + Mar 46 = 95 Units. But reimbursement mail shows only 58.8 Units. 36.2 Units reimbursement gone in the air.


Jan and March reports are incorrect and belong to someone else. Can you please resend these reports?

Only February report is mine. Jan and Mar are someone else.

Observed the same issue with my reports as well. They seem to be fine for Jan and Feb. the March report doesn’t reflect the right units for Feb. looks like cumulative for Jan and Feb.

Also, the total units I have consumed per the reports and the reimbursed units are different. In my case as per the report I have consumed a total of 74 units but the reimbursement is for 71. Not a big difference but a difference nonetheless.

image image image


JAN’20 [ 55 UNITS ] + FEB’20 [ 66 UNITS ] + MAR’20 [ 56 UNITS ] = 177 UNITS

As per reimbursement email received from Ather on 09/Apr/2020

Electricity Consumed

126.8 units

From 01-Jan-2020 to 31-Mar-2020

There is a difference in UNITS consumed against the Monthly Report & reimbursement email (177 – 126.8 = 50.2 UNITS)

Kindly look in to the issue is the error in Monthly Report or reimbursement calculation.

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Hey folks,

We are finally rolling out the usage report for the beta users for March and April. We did encounter a few bugs due to collation of information across multiple months. Thankfully, all that is sorted and we have been able to roll it out today. We had a lot of learning on this beta journey thanks to all of you, and have done an analysis of all issues we faced. Going ahead, we should have a smoother journey.

Here’s what has changed since the last release:

  • Dynamic badges - now efficiency badge will be calculated based on community average stats.
  • Rider Profile data accuracy improvements.
  • Issue of triggering multiple user reports has been resolved.
  • Data security and other minor bug fixes

Now that you’ve got your reports for March and April, are there any insights you’ve uncovered? Has the report been reflective of your usage patterns? What else would you like to learn about your usage?

Note: We’ll be sending you the March & April reports separately with a gap of about 2-3 hours. If you’ve not ridden your vehicle at all in either of the months, you’ll not receive the report.