Monthly ride log

Worst customer service of ATHER I have mail them that I need my January monthly ride log on 12 Feb, on same day I received mail from ATHER that u will recive ur ride log by 15 feb, after 15 fab I have waited, I haven’t recived any mail from them. Then I put once again mail that I need monthly ride log, they replied with u have to wait, upto now I haven’t recived my monthly ride log.

We have to pay for subscriptions plan. And we have wait, What type of service is this ather managing.

Worst CS.


Hi Team,

I have been sending mails to Ather team regarding ride logs. I haven’t received logs for Jan & Feb.

@abhishek.balaji Please look into this on priority.


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Same here haven’t recieved any monthly ride log from DEC 2020 till now. @abhishek.balaji can you look into this ?

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Hi @abhishek.balaji, still haven’t received any update. Please look into.


Same issue reported, but since last 7 days, Ather’s 24 hours is not completed. So, no one has contacted. ! @abhishek.balaji

I haven’t received my rider log either. Feb 2021


from Dec 2020 I haven’t got the ride log I have been contacting CS on phone and mail no use

Got Jan 2021 Ride log just now. Definitely waiting for Feb. Edit: Got Feb Ride Log too. :blush:

Good job @ather-bubhandari :clap:. I hope we will soon no need come ask you manually for ride log.

Hi Team

@abhishek.balaji I haven’t received ride log for Jan-21 and Feb-21, I have been following up this from 24th of February. Yesterday also have sent mail for the same. But still no reply.

My Ather friends in Pune got Ride logs for Dec, Jan & Feb. Still I haven’t received it.

Please look into this on priority.

Thanks Chetan

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Same with me Chetan, I’m too waiting for the ride logs.

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@Rohit.Gandhi @solartech.pune The Ride log is sent only to those in Connect Pro, when did you subscribe to it?

@abhishek.balaji I am on connect pro till yesterday but I never got the logs. I took my 450x vehicle on 16-12-2020 and my connect pro is active since the same date.

Since we got our vehicles, 13 January, active till 13th April

From day of purchase I am on connect Pro subscription. I got delivery on 12th of Jan, around 14th or 15th the connect Pro plan was activated. I had opted for a quarterly plan.



Have been on Connect Pro but not received a month log update. Picked up the 450X last month. Pls help

Thanks, we’re re-sending to all of you who have reported it here.


hey, @abhishek.balaji, me too. I got my Connect Pro plan in Jan. I haven’t received the monthly ride logs for Jan and Feb

Hi @abhishek.balaji any update on monthly Ride log? Yet to receive.

Please look into.


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@abhishek.balaji same for me, still no email received for ride logs

@abhishek.balaji I’d like to report that I haven’t received the ride logs for Feb 2021. I received my flight on 30th Jan, so I presume I would only get the ride log for February. But I haven’t received it. I have already subscribed to Connect Pro before taking delivery of my flight.

Could you look into this and let me know why my ride log is delayed?