Mode change indication while riding at low battery

At the time of low battery, i.e below 17%, if you are riding on warp or other modes, mode changes suddenly to Eco mode without any indication. This is very dangerous while overtaking other vehicles thinking of warp mode. I have personally experienced that.


I suppose ola has a very distinctive indication for this, where a lady speaks out loud that the mode is changing for whatever reason.


If there’s any beep sound or indication it will be better


I think a popup notification with beep sound is better solution.


@amitrasan.yadav i believe you are totally wrong…

when you riding at 80Km/hr or whichever the speed you are going… The mode will not get changed unless you reduce the speed of your vehicle below 50KM/hr.

This feature is totally to help you to safeguard or to Make you charge the vehicle within the 15% of the battery where you can go approximately 12 to 13 km in eco mode

and every Ather owners know this procedure i think… so it wont cause such big things i guess

Do you agree owners ?

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I feel you’ll agree with me once you experience that. Suddenly loss of Power due to mode change.

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The mode change at 17% SoC will happen only when the rider stops accelerating. If you continue to keep accelerating it won’t switch to Eco. The moment you stop accelerating (to slow for traffic or a signal), then it changes to Eco mode.

Yes, would be nice to have an Audible warning when this change happens.


@raghav.srinivasan Exactly Bro… I’m Sure they will work on this feature in upcoming Updates

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I do agree that this is very dangerous. this needs to be looked at.

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