Missed connections

Suggest you attach this comment as a sticky note to his scooter, that’ll catch his attention…!


Felt good to see another Arher in Cisco campus. Have been wondering how can I be the only one. Whose scooter is it?

Also glad to see parking space dedicated for electric scooters. There are still 2 empty spots. Looking forward to having them all taken :+1:

We should request Ather to get a point installed.


Since 2 weeks noticed this new Ather in Tesco Campus. Any one in forum
KA51H H5659

I see many Athers on Outer Ring Road, but today I saw someone driving very rashly on a flyover, just after KR Puram railway station towards Marthalli.

Drive safely guys.


Tell me the helmet graphic or bike no. If it was my brother in law. Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad


Mr 7832 nice seeing you at tin factory

He was zooming, I was not able to read the no.
He was wearing white helmet with some dark jacket.

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fight 2343



Le Arabia, Modi road
Anyone here?

Today spotted an Atherite near Kristu Jayanthi College (full face helmet)
Also near Elements Mall( with a pillion).
Anyone near HBR Layout?

Anybody in TechM office Electronic city with bike number 7442?

Hey guys, I wanted to create a new thread called “missed connections”. I know it might sound funny. But it’s for people who spot a fellow Ather rider in the same locality and want to meet him on a later date. You can get to know some wonderful people in and around your locality. Let me know your opinions. :slight_smile:


I noticed 2 Ather owners in RMZ Eco World so far. One was on the road near 4A and the other was a lady in the parking of 8A. If you are on the forum, please identify yourself. I’m also in 8A :slight_smile: .

Anyone near BDA complex today evening??

7705 ORR near manyata. I was right in front of you in a car for a very long time. And you were riding without a helmet. Looks like you like to live dangerously. That too on ORR. You should be lucky my dashcam didn’t pick you. Or else you would have got a fine. Anyway follow the rules.

I absolutely hate people who don’t follow the rules. I hate it more when Ather owners violate the rules.


Not sure if its the same guy, but i saw one such naked rider 2 weeks back on ORR

I absolutely hate such people. That too ather owners who violate the rules. It’s PATHETIC.


Naked rider!!

Sure the rider is embarrassed!

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Saw another fellow Atherite near Kristu Jayanthi College.
Finally saw an Ather with old number plate…

Saw 4 Athers in a day. One near my house (9292). 2 near Chord Road one behind the other. One more in malleshwaram 15th cross. This guy wasn’t wearing a helmet.