Missed connections

Hey guys, I’m creating this thread for fellow Ather owners who spot other Ather riders in and around their locality or anywhere in general. Also we can plan meetups/rides too :wink:


flight 5226 parked at h2 building in manyata

u on forum?


Hey Abhishek, I’ve created a thread called missed connections. Let’s all move this convo to that thread. Shall we? It’ll be easier to find our fellow owners. :smiley:


Anyone around Vydehi, EPIP Zone area? I see most public chargers empty here… am i on this lonely island alone

Work near Sai Baba hospital. And here I was thinking I am the only one in Whitefield!

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I work in ITPL Stay in AECS layout… :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw one Ather in AECS layout…

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I met someone near Tin factory, he is into marketing, already done 9K km.

Been asking for the 2nd or 3rd time. Is anyone from Mahalakshmipuram? I keep seeing you everyday. :thinking:

KA5***4634 - Nice to see you at Tin Factory today evening!

Anyone around Nandini Layout?


Waved at a guy wearing a brown jacket, white and green helmet riding a 450 near Sony Signal. He came next to me and said ‘nice scooter!’

Just wanted to say a belated ‘right back atcha’!

Also didn’t get your name mate, so holler at me whenever you see this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Saw another Ather at Outer ring road near Marathalli today, Tried to ride along yet was met with no response. I guess i am a tad over-friendly. You can identify me with a bulldog on my helmet

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In all likelihood itwas a DriveU exec returning a vehicle that was shipped to Chennai for the event :smile:




Saw a new Ather being showcased by the owner to his family in Ramamurthy Nagar ( close to Uttam Sagar). Have a thumbs up and got an acknowledgement back.

Congratulations on the new acquisition and Welcome to the club!


Anyone exiting the NH4 to KAMMANAHALLI Main Road?
Tried to catch you up, but couldn’t.
Time was around 6pm

my flight seems to be alone in my residential area Varanasi / K R pura, once cited a Ather near margondanahalli

at times i feel i live in rural area

only time i get to see another EV on a daily basis is, someone in next lane owns e20 who parks it in common parking space in a empty plot

only time i see Ather near my place is when i was returning from second owners meet

there is atleast 2 pre orders in my layout which i know but i think they still haven’t decided to buy

Don’t worry man show me those pre-order guys we will convert them to buy…:joy: :joy: :joy:

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KA03-xx-8629 : Saw your ride at the Global Axis basement parking lot. If you regularly work in the building and would like to ask Ather for a charging point, pls DM me with your details. We can talk to TCS admin and Global Axis Admin to work it out.

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