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This the best mileage i have got till now


Woah, that’s a very good range, could you please shed some more details on driving conditions? Like was it an inclined road or an high way? And other stuff.


@nrammanas it was on the National Highway bro - mostly it was not downside road.50%upside and 50% downside

Travel started at 9am in the morning and i had no rest stop for 82Km in ECO mode


i have changed the vehicle in a grid for 45min and again continued in Sports mode for 41KM

The main thing i focused in this ride was only the Throttle. Aggressive Acceleration was not given even a single time. i have given only the smooth acceleration - i think that was the reason i have got less wh/km consumption.


This is awesome. Were you riding alone or with a pillion?


@sanjog i was riding alone bro


Cool . I was able to achieve 25 on bangalore airport road. Guess i need to check my tyre pressure


You got to do only 51 kmph top speed on the Airport road? Were you deliberately keeping it slow or was it because of traffic?


I have noticed an interesting fact very recently. when I switch on my scooter and reset the trip a meter and after that I use park assist for 5 meters , then when I stop, on my screen it says trip a average efficiency - 140wh/km. so according to this calculation I can go in reverse for 20 km on a full charge mostly :rofl:


This is the best I’ve been able to do so far on a long stretch. Still got a long way to go.


Well, you can,.if you are around 75 kg even in :zap:

This is from a chill ride i took to cool of my mind and body :icecream:


You have got 140. In my case it was a uphill, 3 people were sitting on the scooter, gave a full throttle in warp mode just for a second and released throttle and guess what were the numbers ( this was mainly done with a intention to test how much wh/km will it show😁)


I was deliberately keeping it slow because I had to cover almost 90 KM from my home to Airport and back.

I could have gone “warped” if I wanted to, but that would resulted a lower mileage leading to me not reaching back home :slight_smile:


I may have done it but didn’t post/ forgot about it. But this week, from Saturday night full charge to 12:00 PM I have completed over 100Km with still 4KM range left. 90% of it was done on Eco mode, few higher efficiency rides in 40’s because my father rode it but achieving this is quite manageable.


A weekend trip to @shojancm’s new furniture shop, which is some 80 km up-&-down.

Started at 95% charge and ended in 12%, and the whole ride was in warp, except for the forced Eco at the last 5 or so km. Took an unwise decision to burn some road when I was close to a fast charger even though I could reach back, so that I could unlock the 5 chargers badge. The charger was dead, and did not contribute to SoC%.

Other than that, I get 1%=1km.


I went to Vandavasi from Chennai by Ather.i want to test how much i can go. I completed 262.7 km in 10.8 hours. I can say if learn driving Technic easily you can achieve 100 km on single charge


Hey guys, i am deepak from bangalore, just thought of sharing a pleasent long ride experience i had in a recent trip with a pillion and in warp mode. This was a 2 way trip from Bangalore Kereguddadahalli to Tumkur around 64+ kms one way.

I always ride in warp mode nowadays, before it used to be in sport, current odo reading is little over 1.5k kms

In city for my work or otherwise i always drive on avarage at 45 kmph in warp mode and still get around 100 kms of range easily, so keeping this in mind thought of making this trip on my 3 months old 450x with a pillion who weighs over 60 kgs so do i, also with a small luggage of around 10kgs, i was confident if i drive around 45 kmph i should reach the destination without any unexpected headaches, so charged the vehicle to 100 percent, filled the air to the right psi in the wheels and just went ahead with it.

I started this journey on April the 1st, (not a great date to start the adventure lol…) at 11.10am in the morning i started the trip and reached my destination in 2 hours and 5 mins at an average speed of 45 kmph, but bcz of the practical driving in traffic on highways, the exact average speed and top speed is slightly different, keep in mind this is in the hot sun, in warp mode, with a pillion and a little bit of luggage. And finally at the end of my 1st trip, to my surprise i still was left with 34 percent of battery charge, i couldnt belive it, unfortunatley i forgot to take picture of the soc after this frm dashboard, but i do have this screenshot to share with you guys.

The odo says 0 kms bcz, the Ather app was not working and glitching on those couple of days and later it got fixed. Also the return trip with the same setup ie same pillion and luggage weight and me driving, i started at 4.22pm, but this time i wanted to push the average riding speed little more and kept it at 52kmph, again i reached my place in exact 2 hours, in that i did take a beverage break of about 10 mins ( two times about 5 mins each) and reached safe with 22 percent of soc left.

happy to share this experience with you all, hope Ather keeps a good customer service along with this good product, and also enhances its charging infrastructure in aiding to travel a reasonable long distance.


It’s just standing run not on road.

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This time there was 50kg luggage on the floorboard, 3 people were sitting on the scooter, uphill and i had lowered the tyre pressure to 10psi.

Will try to achieve 1000wh/km😁 next time by putting double the weight of now.


Please never do this, it is very very risky.

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Didn’t even ride 0.1km with 10 psi, don’t worry. Just one full throttle for one second that’s it and after that filled the tyre pressure to normal.