Mi Portable Air Compressor - Your Ather just found a match!

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I got this two weeks back and almost everything inflatable runs by this. It is a must-have!

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Why this post still not flagged?

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I don’t think he is trying to “Sell” the product to make “Profit”. He is just sharing his experience. I have used Amazon Basic’s portal car charger before and it does a great job when needed in a car.

For a scooter do I want to Carry around a Portable Air compressor? may be not because of tubeless tire and availability of petrol pump in every nook and corner in the city. If it was tube type tire, I may use it to fill till I get to the puncture guy. On a tubeless tire, I can still ride it till I get help (Which will be within 2-3 kms in a city for sure). This is a perfect product for someone who rides cross country on a motor cycle; light, easily chargeable and along with a tubeless repair kit is a blessing.


I also like the product but he works for Xiaomi. Just thought the forum rules apply for all. Doesn’t it look like a brand marketing copy? :wink:

Only @abhishek.balaji can give more clarity on this :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI https://twitter.com/laurelsudeep/


Does it work with Ather 450X Tyres ?

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Yes, but it is not the push to lock type nozzle. You have to screw in, which is a bit difficult esp at the back tire and for cars with wheel caps.


Iam very happy with this brand Tyre Inflator, it helps your vehicle to keep the performance upto the mark. Even i found a work around for the rear tyres easy access to insert my hand through the Saree guard louver space to access the rear tyre nozzle.

Must have device for all the Ather 450 & 450X Owners.

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