MG Comet EV

Looks like the comet is right around the corner.
A small car for urban commute is definitely a market that is more mature now than it was 10 years ago when the Reva/E2O came out. The younger generation hopefully might consider a 2 door small car over a 4 door hatch.
Here’s what we know about the MG COMET
It’s a Rebranded Wuling EV


in China and other markets it usually comes with 2 battery options of - 30 and 50KWh but for India, looks like at least one variant is going to be a 17.3kWh. So should put out a bit more range than the Tiago EV MR

The pricing is big unknown, though the management at MG recently hinted at a price between 10-15Lakhs and did not say anything about. A sub 10 lakh variant.
Only time will tell if the Indian customer will psychologically accept a 2 Door car at the same price( if not more) as a 4 door hatch(Tiago EV).


Probably will fail if they try and price it close to Tiago ev. Tiago just feels leagues ahead and is a full fledged car, on the other hand why would someone pay so much more for something that looks like a toy.


Appears to be interesting. Is it 4 seater or 2 seater.


It’s mentioned as a 2 door…So,hopefully it must be a 2 seater or maybe they could just make it like a Innova where you can fold the seat and access the back seats :ghost:


I asked as , Earlier 2 doors ( Reva/e2o) were 4 seaters. Access to rear seat was via front folding seat.

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Mostly both versions will be available. But I would assume the four seater will sell more because even the rear seat is usable by a 6ft adult. Just no though space. If they priced it at 6-8 lakhs I think it would at least have the chance of being successful. But at 10+lakh. No chance. It’ll only be niche product.


absolutely, for 10L+ most people would just get a base model C-SUV (glorified hatchback) with a few years of fuel, maintenance, peace of mind, brand value, resale etc


Wouldn’t say cheap for what it is but not way too expensive for what it’s offering. Would likely have to buy it for the features, tech and premium experience inside. I’m sure there will be takers for this car at this price. If anyone has taken a test ride. Do share.
I love the concept of a small car for the city, and it is the need of the hour. Just doubtful about the battery capacity of 17kWh so can’t expect more than 160-170Km, for me that would actually last a week so it’s not too bad. But doesn’t feel value for money.


i personally (younger audience) find this to be better than the Tiago EV. the Tiago is a 5(+) year old ICE car with an EV powertrain bolted on. on the road, nobody would give it a second look. features wise it is very close to a 5L hatchback.

this, on the other hand, clearly stands out. polar opposite in everything except the performance. a little too flashy for some probably but the features make up for the goofy looks. this can be the Ola of 4 wheeers lol!


Don’t get me wrong. (I’m 24 btw) This car is quite good for the city and I actually might have considered it over the Tiago but the 8Lakh(8.6L on road)is not for the variant that is being reviewed and showcased. It’s for the base variant called glide or something which won’t have all these nice features and premium interiors. The variant we’re seeing now is the “Plush “ variant which will probably be around the 10L mark if not more. All I’m saying is. It’s not really value for money. byt it does make more sense if it’s going to be a 2nd or 3rd car in a household which will never be used for more than 20-30km a day.

I don’t think the way the car looks is solely enough to decide if it’s better. I’m sure a lot of heads will turn for the comet. But the reality is. It’s suspension is not as good for our roads. It’s body roll might be a bit too annoying and even if you would want to, you can just never take it out of the city. At least with the Tiago. You have that option. And believe me I’ve held out on booking the Tiago solely on the way it looks hoping that the punch ev comes out soon and if I’m defending the Tiago then it should mean something.
And you have to agree even a second car when you buy it. You’d feel safer knowing that you have the OPTION to fast charge it if needed. But again my mind might completely change after a test ride. Let’s see. I thought the Tiago was too small until I took a test ride and realised it’s not that bad.
And I still think majority of Indian consumers still think about the perception of a “car” especially when they’re spending 9L+.

Ola had a Disrupting price to performance ratio. It’s hard to sell “Compact size” as a feature at a higher price tag relative to specs. In India, people still relate “More space = More value” I think the right way to tackle that, is the EV6 which makes a car of its size feel bigger on the inside.
I really hope the comet catches on. It’s hard to convince my mom to drive this over her Ather when she still thinks it looks too weird. She actually said, if a lot of people buy it and it becomes a normal thing, then she’ll use it. For now she’s waiting for the punch ev to replace the Ather. I’m more interested in what’s to come from MG on the same platform. If rumours are right we could see this In a couple of years. image They should have brought this in first. It might be accepted more


oh, i didn’t even know its variants lol. they got me this time with the ‘introductory price’ misleading crap. you’re right then, i was assuming the price of around 8L for all the bells and whistles which is definitely not happening. not value for money ye.

definitely. a lot of drawbacks as well compared to the Tiago.

Facts! but it was directed more towards the looks :stuck_out_tongue: I guess we can call it a Vespa then.

EVs are great especially for parents, who tend to drive mildly and within the city. the smart key fob stuff is cool as well!


PS this was made by a dealer, not Tata :stuck_out_tongue:


There you go. It’s priced at 10L. This fully loaded variant. On road 10.8-11L
The base variant misses out on most of the fancy features. Doesn’t even have android auto and the next variant is at 9.28L which I’m guessing is just placed there to make people go for the higher variant. The classic Medium size Popcorn trick.
For the feature cut down they’ve done to make a base variant should have priced the base variant at 6L and not 8L then maybe, just MAAAybe it would have sold :stuck_out_tongue: but the base variant is basically a box on wheels with not much range either. Nothing going for it.
I’m afraid the Tiago is just a better buy now.

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absolutely xD

i agree, the base model has nothing going for it except the small size (which is absolutely the opposite of what Indians want at the moment).

i think the only market this can cater to is the upper middle class who want a small third car to run errands or give to their kids. expect a lot of novices driving this!

the top model doesn’t make sense. anyone would add some more and get a used Nexon EV instead

Yep you’re right on the market having matured. Personally I too feel that having a compact car like this has become an imperative for many families.

But with their current price point and quirky design I’ll doubt they’ll be selling much if any at all.

They should have followed design cues from something like the renault twingo or something tried and tested in the indian market like the Brio or datsun go. Heck maybe even just copied one of the many japanese kei cars which don’t look out of place on the road.

The battery size and advertised range as well don’t seem to justify the price either. Most of the ‘55 connected features’ are what should come as standard with any modern car with an infotainment system, propping that up as USP and asking an exorbitant amount for showing us their ability to count is an absolute joke . Maybe if they adopted more localisation and hit the 5-6L mark it would make more sense for consumers.