Meet your new favourite feature: Trip Planner


Ather Labs has cooked up a new feature last week and it just might be your new favourite. Meet Trip Planner - a reliable cure to your range anxiety. It is available to all Ather Owners - 450, 450 Plus and 450X. It’s currently available in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune, with more cities going live soon!

First, you punch in a destination and Trip Planner considers the

  1. Distance to the destination from current location

  2. Current charge of the scooter

  3. Estimate of the range based on your past riding patterns

Then, it tells you if you can make it to the destination without stopping to charge. You also find what the expected charge at the destination will be, based on its understanding of your riding style.

Say, the destination is 40 kms away and the scooter has 35% charge, as in, you don’t have enough charge to reach your destination. Then, Trip Planner

  1. Finds a grid point best suited for your trip. When the grid point is recommended, the feature also checks the grid timing and whether or not it is functional.

  2. Tells the charge remaining when you reach the grid point and how long you’ll need to charge.

If you feel that a grid point recommendation is wrong or a grid point is not recommended when it should be, you can raise the issue through the Feedback Screen on the Ather Labs Page.

Ready to add it?

To add Trip Planner:

  • Ensure your Ather App is updated to the latest version
  • Find Ather Labs on your Ather app.
  • Find ‘Trip Planner’ and click on ‘View’.
  • You can swipe through the carousel to understand its interface. Then, click on ‘Add this feature’.

There you go, no more mental calculations and optimistic guessing about your Ather’s range. Trip Planner has you covered.

Got questions? Check out the Docs section here: Docs - Ather Community


I own a 450 and tried this feature , It says this feature is not available for your bike

Same for me as well

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It works for me. Enable trip planner from the Ather labs section, after that it will work.

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Not sure why would it say Grid not available, even when there are a few on the route

Both smart eco (only available for 450x/+ for now) and trip planner (should have worked for all Ather models) are disabled for me.

When I try to click on add option I get the below error.

Why is this check even happening in the first place when it’s supposed to support all Ather models?

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It’s currently enabled only for these cities, so if you’re living in the outskirts etc, you might not have the option to enable this. The FAQs cover a few scenarios like this: Docs - Ather Community


I’m in Bengaluru. Is there any criteria like pincode check or something that checks whether the scooter is inside the serviceable city or on the outskirts? Because I was out of Bengaluru for a few days but now I’m back. If this is the case, Is this check one time or is it a real time check?


Something is wrong then.

I saw you and @rksingh221989 live in Bangalore so by that i said you should have got that feature.

Hey Prathamesh,

Can you please send the feedback from the Ather Labs Page - Could you add the approx start location and end destination you searched for? We will get the algo checked.

Regards, Mithilesh


Even i live in Bangalore and have 450 generation 2, getting same error as mentioned above. It was working before now it gets stuck at loading page so i removed this trip planner feature and when tried to add again, throwing error

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Same here, even i am facing it

I believe to send feedback we must have this feature added, but in my case since i am getting error like others, how to report it apart from this page


You can either send mail or report on the app using quick help.


Hey was wondering if you guys could improve the trip planner for a round trip. Because according to this. If I reach the airport at 13% how will I come back XD. Doesn’t really make sense to use the trip planner. The direction of the planner is good. But just need to improve a little to give us a better plan for a round trip.
Also why is this trip not possible ? a full charge at Acre should get me to the distinction but the trip planner is unable to calculate that. :thinking: