Meet the Ather 450 Apex | Refined Performance 10 Years in the Making

Apex of 450 stands for apparently EX of 450.


My Apex went into limp mode and shut off completely once. When I took it to the service center, they checked everything and found no issues.

I tried to reproduce the problem and discovered that having a large box, parcel, or luggage on the floorboard obstructing the airflow to the motor, causing the vehicle to overheat quickly (mostly will go to Limp mode). :sweat:

Additionally, MagicTwist is a major culprit for overheating—never use MagicTwist if you’re riding aggressively, so that you get somemore time to play with so called Warp+ mode! :sweat_smile:


nope. And I pressure washed this twice after purchased, vehicle was also used in heavy rain once.


Nightmare of 450 :x: Copy Of OLA :white_check_mark:


My apex longest warp+ ride is 5km till now and in the ride, it hit 92kmph (father was riding) twice. I asked my dad if there was any power drop & he said no. (he uses magic twist). But 2 design flaws I faced recently: 1. The inside of the transparent panel do get dirty mine is snowflake kind around the front edge. 2. What hell kind of Tyre valve placement is in the rear, it takes 6-7 mins just to secure the refill tube properly.


Damn Same Happened to my Friend and @murli91 Bro too

Warp+ ( 100 Hidden T&C’s )

Until unless You are an Owner of Gen 2 or Gen 3 :green_heart:

You will never know the Difference Boss

It took around 3-4 Months of Riding to get Normal with that Tyre Valve :clown_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So Ather 450x top speed is 90 actually speed is -20 and same with apex ??


81kmph actual topspeed of 450x


Is apex going any faster then 91 ?? Maybe that’s the culprit of degradation of warp+ ? If not the magic twist has to be disabled to avoid that right


whats magic twist have to do with this? :thinking: It will only regen on user input,coasting regen would have to be turned off if thats heating the motor but once you are below 85% SOC even that shloudnt be an issue

450x design simply isnt meant for passive cooling as the motor is inside the scooter than OLA S1 where its exposed at bottom,now 450x atleast has vents over motor compared to none on rizta so lets see how it performs in hilly areas


Magic twist is most aggressive regen available on Ather more then the costing regen plus it’s available at 90+ battery level it maintains it not like our 450x which is available only after 86% or so It’s after the Alchemist board design I think so

That’s truuuuue even the review are good let’s see how it holds up with normal genuine rough use



I upgraded from my Ather 450x gen2 to Ather Apex a month ago. Gen2 done 43k kms in 2.1yrs and exchanged with Apex.

Noticed few points/queries: Right side fender gap is less. Coasting regen work after 90% or from 100%. Initially if I’m right it works from 100% itself.

Also i ride from Alleppey to Kochi frequently, one side 70+ kms. Not a racer though, I ride at 50-55kmph. Till date haven’t faced motor power issue due toMagic Twist use. A regular Magic Twist user, as I use Regen Braking at Gen2 Ather frequently.

Just sharing my experience only. Range is so far ok, but as a special edition with high price they could have come up with more range.

Also a light can be provided inside trasparent panels🤭 as many people query on that😜 it would have given a gud look at night rides.


Like UFO :space_invader::alien:

Yes Bro, Working from 100%

That’s Interesting Bro, I was waiting for such review from Such a Person :metal:

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But in my Apex Coasting Regen not active from 100%. Starts after 90% only nowadays. When i took vehicle delivery, it was working at 100% also. Is it any issue now in my vehicle.

Done reboot option few times still same.


I guess that’s for preventing the build up of heat


Not sure bro, Maybe They gave Update or Something to restrict it

Saving Battery Life or Something :wink:

Magic Twist working from 100% ah na???

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coasting regen works only when battery falls to 90% and below. But magic twist works even from 100% onwards.


Hey everyone,

I had a couple of questions about the Ather Apex’s regenerative braking (Regen) and how it works with the MagicTwist throttle.

  1. MagicTwist & Coasting Regen: I’m curious about how Regen and MagicTwist contribute to charging the battery. While short bursts of Regen (like 1-2 seconds) seem helpful, I’m wondering if this uneven charging might affect the battery’s lifespan in the long run?

  2. MagicTwist & Thermal Cycles: The Apex’s MagicTwist seems like a great feature, but I’m concerned about its potential impact on motor life. Compared to other models, wouldn’t the motor have to go through more thermal cycles due to the additional heat generated by the MagicTwist compared to 450Xs? Could this lead to a shorter lifespan for the motor?

My Thoughts:

Regen feels like a fantastic way to add a little extra range on every ride. Even small top-ups throughout the journey could be beneficial. I’m hoping the way Ather has implemented Regen is intelligent enough to manage the small charges without harming the battery.

The MagicTwist is a game-changer for ease of use, but it would be great to hear from Ather experts about any potential trade-offs regarding motor longevity.


if you arent planning to ride your apex for 60k or more kiolmeters feel free to use the magic twist,I dont think it will put any significant dent to battery health till then compared to other 450x