Meet the Ather 450 Apex | Refined Performance 10 Years in the Making

That’s so nice right if they promises something and don’t diliver it’s ok and if we miss even the service for some reasons we can’t claim warrenty kiya scam ha bhai atleast give some proper solution to apex owners they believed and bought something if ur going to torch their bottoms to what’s the difference u mAkE ¿


How will you get the components to work without the firmware? Also wiring is changed, the fan connector is no longer available. Looks like it will be fixed in “Apex Gen2”


There won’t be any gen 2 of apex ig. This was supposed to be the last scooter in 450x platform right?


Firmware can always be upgraded via new codes.

New wiring can be put and fan connector can be put too.

Anyway I don’t think its our headache to think about how they’ll do it. They’ve done this mistake they should rectify it.

Let them replace these Apex with Apex 2.0 in near future.


Nothing will be done. Apex is limited edition right? Once sales stop no issues then.


That’s what they said during 450og launch. There will be no newer model, 1 month later after receiving my 450 delivery 450x was announced :joy:.


The 450 platform is almost a decade old and getting outdated. If they plan to release more models on this platform, serious rework is needed to keep new customers happy.


From what I’ve heard & experienced, the sales team at dealerships say anything to convince customers to buy the current available scooters


Hi, An Apex owner here. So after a long two months of the scooter ownership, I can surely say that there is a few minor annoyances that I have faced.

-Firstly the TPMS. Its pocessed. There is atleast a 2-3psi drift between the actual and the measured value. I am sure to get the TPMS alerts after a couple of days after I it up with air saying the Pressure is lower than the recommended amount.

-The UI responsiveness is sometimes really unbearable. Usually gets unregistered touches when I switch the motor on and try to a waypoint in the map.

-The map, in various occasions would basically get glitched out of existence when I am in middle of a long trip. No map textures most of the time, sometimes not even Geolocation would be visible.

-The Warp+ has the worst degradation I have seen in the 450series. If you are a person who Wheee off a traffic signal, make sure there is no one following you for the third or fourth traffic signal. Over that time most of the Performance in that mode goes away leaving you with power comparable to ride mode or worse. This steep drop down in performance can be seen as a safety hazard, as new riders may be caught off-guard and inturn opening up the possibility for an accident.

-Side panels fogging up from inside is a real thing and is not a very pleasant experience. The frosted inside helps a bit in disguising the issue a bit…but you can literally see through glass. If you know what I’m saying.

So literally every feature that is setting the Apex apart in the 450 series comes with annoyances that is yet to be fixed at the time of this posting.

I’m hoping most of these issues all my fellow riders have faced too. If there is any fix for these above issues, please do not refuse to share. Thanks you.


Faced UI jitteriness one time

Side panel do get fogged up a bit but I have noticed they are barely visible after 2-3 mins of driving and visible only if you look from very close(I have also washed the scooter with jet spray & the above mentioned stays true for me)

Regarding warp+ I haven’t faced problems yet as my longest ride has been only 6 km with 84 kmph as top speed. I’m gonna test it out for 20 kms in aggressive riding style in few days.


This 6 KMs Stretch Ride is a Dream for Apex Users

My Gen 2 can go like this for about 24-25 KMs But On Apex Its Doubt :face_with_monocle::sweat_smile:


The warp+ did not gave up at 6km I just drove that much.


It will not give up for 6 KMs. But The Same It will not Cross 15+ KMs too :white_check_mark:

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Let’s see…