Manual override of automatic mode change

The user must be able to manually override the automatic mode change from to Eco mode. Many times when I’m around 5kms from home, it switches from Sport mode to Eco mode when the battery level reduces to 17%. Even though I know that I can make it home in Sport mode or Ride mode, I’m forced to use Eco mode.

Eco mode is not just slow but almost a hazard for other road users and the rider too. I’d use it only in case of emergency

Automatically changing is a good thing, but the rider must still be able to override. Probably it can come with a warning message saying “You may get stranded in the middle of the road. Also RSA will be charged if you run out of charge. Do you still want to over ride? Are you sure?”. It can still be in the settings menu and to override it the rider has to stop…but it should be available.

This has been discussed earlier in various other topics but now I’m creating it to make use of the Voting option available now. Please vote up if you agree.