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If I remember right, the customer care told me that the fan was touching against some part or something like that.

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I had the exact same problem just a couple of days back. Mine is also around the 1.1K KM mark. I was told that it’s an issue with the software on the BMS.

So, what happened to your vehicle? Was it taken to the service center? How was the issue resolved? How long did it take?

Yup, they towed it away just like yours. I got it back in 2 days, with a replacement loaner battery.

They have sent my BMS for fixing, and once it’s ready, they will come pickup my scooter, put back the original battery and then return the scooter.

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I received my vehicle a couple of hours ago and it’s the same thing done with my vehicle as well. Once they fix my BMS, it’ll be replaced back into my vehicle.

I had read about this issue with at least 5 scooters- @mprajwal0077 @AnaghDeshpande @prvn.exe @srivatsabs24 @krishnaprm and was getting uncomfortable. Good that the Root cause is analysed…I’m a bit more easy. Till now I have probably shutdown my vehicle 2-3 times only.


This is a huge concern. I don’t like it. When you’ve given an option, you should be able to turn it off whenever you want. I have huge issues with this point.


That’s right. Not shutting down means losing 3-4 KM range overnight for no reason.

I wonder if this issue will be resolved in our vehicles with the reworked BMS.


Yes. This is a concern. My usage is mostly on weekends and on weekdays I usually shutdown the bike to save the battery(after short ride once in a day or so). I never imagined this useful feature would lead to BMS failure. Hope , we will get a fix (mostly hardware?) soon.

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This is a concern no doubt. But knowing the root cause of the issue is half the problem solved IMO. Every morning starting the scooter fearing that it might not start is much worse than knowing the cause of the problem and being sure that your scooter will definitely start with the precautions you’ve taken. I will prefer the latter although i would want the problem to be solved completely.


I asked them the reason for bms issue when I got a feedback call. I still haven’t got answers from them. I didn’t expect this. And when you have an option to do something it should not come with conditions. We should be left freely to do whatever we want. There are so many people around who don’t want to loose a few kms which might drain overnight.

We have sleep, shutdown and hibernate on pcs too. If the companies said you should put it to sleep and not shut it down, people would be furious.


I am also another victim of Shut Down issue :frowning:

For rest of the users, please do not shut down your 450 unless SoC is below 60%. If you are going on long vacation, then make sure SoC is below 60% and then you are safe to shut down.

In the meantime, I really hope Ather comes back to all the users with permanent solution even at higher SoC. We do not want to waste energy unnecessarily while 450 is parked for 8-9 hours a day.


Saaar I’m not able to understand the same thing. When they have given us an option to shut down, why can’t we do it? I should be able to do it even if soc is at 90 or even 99. Still waiting for answers from Ather team.

@AnaghDeshpande I think this is a temporary ask from @Ather.Team until they fix the issue… to avoid many others getting affected…

I too want to shut down every time… But to avoid this big hassle, I do very rarely now


I am sure this is an unforeseen issue by Ather team and they would be testing the solution. In the meantime why not push an update to disable the shutdown button to save the hassle


I agree with you. Let’s just hope it can be fixed with an OTA.

That can be risky. What if people actually want to shut it down if they aren’t using it for a couple of days. And the battery dies and not able to turn it on?

@AnaghDeshpande you had written elsewhere in the forum that Hazard lamps are incorrectly used. Similarly we were probably incorrectly using Vacation mode for daily shutdown (albeit with a good intention of saving energy). Even in the user manual book, it’s written as vacation mode and to use it when the scooter is not used for many days together.
But, Ather should’ve renamed it as Vacation mode instead of Shutdown and clearly instructed us that we shouldn’t shutdown daily. They didn’t tell us this and over that we didn’t know that daily shutdown will cause harm to the scooter. As you had written elsewhere on the forum, we are kind of beta testers!!

I see this as a learning curve for both. That’s why I wrote that it’s atleast good that the cause is known now…can’t help, my blood group is “Be positive” :slight_smile:

I’m on Vacation for 8 days and I’d have shutdown the scooter if not for this issue. I didn’t want to take any risk, so charged it for 100% and left it as it is. With around 6kms per day loss, I’ll lose 50kms when I go back home. It’s a sad loss of energy no doubt, but better than seeing my scooter dead upon my return.


Bro the problem is not with the vehicle you are travelling in the core part of puncture mafia

You see these nails are so sharp that it’s put on purpose to do its job if you are person who runs on ecomode and driving on left corner part try to avoid and try to be in the middle

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This is true. No one reads manuals these days. They cant call it vacation mode in the manual and call it shut down in the dashboard. This should be rectified soon.

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