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I had a strange issue with my bike a couple of weeks ago, luckily I was close to my house and was able to push the bike back home as it wouldn’t come on upon turning the key. After dragging the bike home it turned on after sometime. Called the support team immediately and explained the whole situation, they gave me a solution to restart/reset using the brakes and power button and/or vehicle shut down from menu. Last week this happened again while I was planning to head out on the bike it just wouldn’t start. I’ve made a video of it but unable to load it here. The following morning it’s all back to normal and hasn’t happened yet, I haven’t contacted the support team since the last week as even in the previous shut down they persisted on manual restart. My only concern is that I wouldn’t want to be stranded and call roadside assistance in that case. Would be great if you guys can resolve this sudden unreasonable shut down once and for all.

Your actually so near from bengaluru, I am planning to bring that to vizag, maybe i have to drop

Do we have a data sheet or something that shows the cost of individual components. Eg: break pads, break oils, the belt in the drive train etc.

Check this out…

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is there any clarity regarding resuming service ?

Update shared here. We don’t have clarity on when the lockdown would be lifted.

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I am facing M045 error …need to service showing when can I book for my first service after 5k…

I am facing a serious problem. Dashboard not working and I cannot use the ather. Is there anyone here who had this problem where dashboard has gone for a toss. Moreover it’s lock down and no service available.

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Does it mean to say that your motor turns on and only dashboard? Have you tried to reset ?

Got a notification that I should charge once a week. Probably obvious, but this doesn’t apply if the vehicle is in vacation mode right?

Vacation mode is for when you won’t have access to the scooter for a long time. In any case, if it’s just in the parking, charge it up till about 50-60%, maybe do some cleaning and you can put it back in vacation mode.

Hi It’s been a couple of days I brought the 450 home and started using and I am facing the same trouble and I have updated ather about this.

Generally the squeak and the whizzing sound remains if I am driving in eco mode and once I change it to ride or sport mode and accelerate more the sound goes off and again while the vehicle is slowing down it repeats.

I have driven the vehicle in higher speed since day one I am concerned if that would be a reason for it.

Yes. That is normal behaviour. Try cleaning the discs and the drive belt when you get a chance.

Not at all!. No such restrictions on this vehicle.

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Need not worry about the sound. It will be ok after 1000 kms. Other way it a small siren to alert people around path way.

@abhishek.balaji please provide service charge and accessories cost sheet.



To all my #low power mode club members (M017 & M019) & Ather software version 4.1.4 friends,

I like to update you all my experience nearly after 3 months after the lockdown and M017 issue,

Due to the error the pickup was dam slow and I have highlighted the issue to the service people.

After one week of my observation in local took my flight to a long ride and the performance was really amazing :heart::heart_eyes::heart:

You can see the amazing numbers in terms of average speed / top speed / efficiency / timing…

Thanks to the Ather Service Team to identify the issue and fixing it.

But one strange thing is I am encountering this problem only after the periodic / regular service Jan 2020 & May 2020 (Hope I won’t get during next service)


After , 5000km General service facing problem below

  1. While driving dashboard getting auto restart
  2. After removing charging pin still showing it’s under charging
  3. 15kmph to 25kmph having to irritating noise from motor

Scooter pickup was done 7:30am for general service and return delivery done same day 2:30pm …14+14=28km distance

General service was done very fast to much quick .

Did the noise go away or still present after service? I am also facing similar nosie from 10 to 25 kmph