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Hi @prvn.exe,
Any update on your battery?
I haven’t got any update on mine.

No, no updates on mine either.

Now even I am a victim of the frequent shutdown problem. My father used to shut down the scooter everyday. Today, it doesnt turn on. Thought of searching about the issue on the forum and eneded up here. The thing is that the Ather is used in Shivamogga. I think I am screwed now. :flushed:

Oops… You may need to bring (through some other transportation) it to Bangalore unless Ather can suggest better way

Yes. Will talk to Ather customer care tomorrow. Probably, I will need to ship it by lorry. Hope they have some other way.

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Has any one faces issue with scooter not turning on when it was kept in the rain for 15-30 minutes.
This happened yesterday , turned on the key after shopping while scooter was parked in the rain.
It did not turn on, had to try multiple times to start the vehicle and then ultimately it restarted with the ather logo and then it booted back and it started working.
Am I the only one having these many issues recently or do I have company.

The problem occured. When the vehicle ran into 1/2 ft water clogged area. Since ather told it can withstand 1 feet water. I drove and then after few minutes I experienced this problem…

How do we go about this ?
We have two Athers in our office space.

You can contact Ather. If your office premises allows, Ather should be able to install free of charge.

For Bangalore it was not sure who takes care in Chennai.

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4 days back , I had parked he scooter outside in sun for about 2 hrs, then came back and turned on the key and started, while turning the throttle, could sense heat coming from the throttle assembly, like hot air blown over the hand , I could literally feel the heat on my hand while accelerating, is this common, as this is the first time I have experienced in 4 months now , I could feel hot air being blown over the hand coming from inside the throttle assembly.
later after that day , I have not faced this issue , any one has faced this …

@sachinshastry12 Three days ago, your scooter didn’t start as the vehicle was shut down daily. Just curious to know why you were shutting down daily.
Had you not seen the below post by @Shreyas on September 27th?

Nope. I just saw the post 3 days ago, after the problem started. Also its my father who uses this scooter daily. He never knew that Shut Down was to be used as ‘Vacation Mode’. To prevent range leakage, he used to shut it down everyday. He confused it to be like our computer, which we will usually shut down everyday.


Oh! that’s sad.

Hey @abhishek.balaji , just like this case, it is definitely possible that many owners may not have seen the post about not shutting down the scooter. This is a very critical piece of information that all owners must know. My suggestion for you guys at Ather would be to send out an email and/or SMS to all owners about this. Can you take this up?


Noted, will take this up with the team. We’re also notifying users via a notification through the Ather app, will explore email/SMS and call while the issue is being investigated.


Today, when I returned home, I observed that the piece of plastic covering the motor fan has fallen off somewhere on the road.

Had I known where it fell, I could’ve fit it back but I don’t know where it fell down. So, I called the customer care and asked them to install a new one. It’ll be done on Monday. The Executive told me that he’s however unsure whether it’ll be chageable or not.

It was not a very nice fitting piece from the beginning and it gave up finally. This was the exact observation made in Team-BHP’s official review too


it happened multiple times during my long rides

but most of the time, i was lucky to find it stuck between stuff i place on floor board!

even service team couldn’t help as it is due to cheap plastic Ather choose in that area, so they end-up placing adhesive like feviquick to secure it

but Ather should consider improving plastic quality and design in this area covering motor, controller and the fan…


Been there, done that. I was not charged for the replacement.