Maharashtra EV Policy 2021

You say you have been invoiced and registered? Can you tell me the amount you’ve paid ?

Invoiced at 155333

I was also asked to pay this amount, but was also told that I would not be able to claim subsidy after invoicing. I think you should contact your dealer they might help.

Bro Maharashtra government has just given false promises. even I have purchased on 24th August with 1.55 lakhs invoice.

as per mah ev 2018 we can claim 5000 subsidy and if you’re lucky you may also get 24000

You should’ve waited a bit man, I’ve got the subsidy of 24.5K (1.30 invoice), and its not about luck everyone is going to get it those who have waited, and those who are booking from now onwards.


Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 12.41.14 PM


Does the subsidy has an end date? Like till what time is it going to be running?

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Early bird incentive which is 15K is valid till 31st of Dec 2021, after that it will be 10K (maybe till 2025) . So currently you will get (15+10) 25K of incentives.

So you mean to say after 31st it will (or might) be 10k+10k or only a total of 10000. Thanks :blush:

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Only 10,000

Thanks a lot . Hope @abhishek.balaji gives us a time frame for kolhapur.

Is the 24.5k subsidy included in the final invoice? or do i need to make full payment of 1.30L & then submit an application to Maharashtra gov to get my subsidy? Btw i am from Mumbai. From what I have read the new subsidy is given directly to manufacturer & customers don’t need to do anything but can anyone confirm this?

The new subsidy that went live a few days ago doesn’t require any processing by the customer. Ather does the paperwork for you, gets the subsidy directly from the Govt. and gives you the discounted pricing, i.e. you end up paying less.