Maharashtra EV Policy 2021

Some great news for folks in Maharashtra, the state has introduced a revision of their 2018 EV policy.

Some highlights:

  • For the first 100,000 EV 2W, Rs. 5000 per kWh, but capped at Rs. 10,000 for 2Ws
  • Early bird incentive upto Rs. 15,000 for EV 2Ws with a 3 kWhr battery pack, for those who purchase before 31 December 2021
  • In addition, there’s a scrappage incentive of Rs. 7000
  • And finally, there’s an additional incentive for manufacturers for providing an assured buyback scheme :thinking: and a minimum of a 5-year battery warranty.
  • This means one could get close to Rs. 25,000 off on a new EV 2W with around 3kWhr battery pack
  • Looks like these would be directly passed on to the manufacturer, without any hassles of applying for subsidy separately.
  • There are other incentives around manufacturing, charging infrastructure, and EV 4Ws, the details of which are in the article above.

This is some amazing news coming in, and our teams are busy figuring out the exact impact and getting more clarity. When we get more details around the exact price changes, along with the state subsidy systems reflecting this change, we’ll share an update!


@abhishek.balaji If its directly provided to the manufacturer , would ather consider compensating recent registrations and giving it back to customers ?

I just bought 450X on 9th july… Will the state subsidy which was 5000/- (which need to be applied after vehicle was purchased) will be 10000/- now ? I just missed the bus of additional 10K should have bought next month

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@RajeshC i think state subsidy is applied after the purchase so we should be eligible for the same.

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As @abhishek.balaji mentioned, the teams are still studying the policy and will get back with more clarity once they have a clearer picture. Dont think any completed purchases will get the new benefits. These are mostly for any new purchases.

My delivery is scheduled today, dont know to feel good about the new bike or sad that I missed on such huge incentives.:pensive::pensive::pensive:

Guys retweet and comment, early adopters should not be left out.


People from all over India who bought the scooter before June 11 also missed out on alot and they didy get any benefit,it will be great if Maharashtra government give to early adopters too,but what is the time line the have to follow 3 months,6 months,1 year,one or the other will be left out,so I think this is not possible.

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Considering that Maharashtra government has also come out with scrapping policy how recyclable is athers 450X considering that it has heavy usage of automotive gradr fibre plastics

Ah dang, there will always be a revision in policies, so don’t fret. On the brighter side, you are getting your flight today. Congratulations and safe rides :slight_smile:

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I think, I read some where that the policy is back dated from Dec 2020. So all vehicles starting from ja 2021 will get I believe.

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Any links for reference would be helpful. Would make a lot of people happy. Though I would miss the subsidy, bought in December.

@abhishek.balaji @tarun why there’s no pricing update as per new Maharashtra State ev policy? Why is ather taking so much to time revise pricing for @Pune and @Mumbai ? What happens to the new bookings done after 15th July? Will customers get to apply for state subsidy?

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The answer is in the opening post.

We all know how government machinery works don’t we? It does take time for all announcements to be implemented at ground level. Whatever is the date decided by the Government, vehicles registered on or after that, will be eligible for the subsidy.


heyy @abhishek.balaji the maharashtra ev Topic is showing is private please help and tell us about details i want to buy ather 450x i have already pre booked it

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Any update on final pricing?

What ia the update? Considering getting it as buyback last date is end of this month. Also, buyback is valid if my delivery comes before 31 July or me placing order before 31 July

Hello Everyone Good News

Price has been updated in Maharashtra

Please contact with respective dealers

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So what is the price now ? and whether there is u turn in buy back policy from Ather? @abhishek.balaji pls transparently share it.

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I got a quote of 1.3 on road 450x all included

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so if we book now? 1.3L all inclusive ? Site says 1.42L on 450x. did I miss something?