M045 low power mode

This warning M 045 is coming again, i have reported this issue more than 5 times and they have taken my scooter for service more than 5 times and yet they cannot resolve this issue . I’m helpless what should i do??

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sir which location?

Sahakarnagar near Hebbal

They should replace the harness cable… I had faced this issue frequently and once harness cable was replaced I didn’t face any issue… got it replaced under warranty

Yes they replaced that also ,still the same issue!!

Have raised this with the team again, they’ll reach out to you on the next steps. Does this happen every time you ride or occasionally?

When i change ride modes!!

I’ve started to get this low power mode error again. ( Second time this year itself , first one was resolved with a wiring harness change under warranty) It was intermittent 2 weeks back and now my scooter is unusable. I’m not on a service plan. But since this is technically a warranty claim. If I were to drop it at ather service centre, I don’t need to go for a service plan, right? @abhishek.balaji

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Yeah correct, but just confirm with CS before dropping at the service Center.