M017 & M019 Errors

Same problem ,
Today taken 450 for service …
Let see what will happening after service …

I will update after testing 450


Sorry for your experience and this is highly dangerous and Ather should solve this immediately. Too many people have reported this error now. Unfortunately even if you tag me, empathizing is all I can do now as I’m just an owner like you. looking at the explanation, I hope that I don’t get this issue.


Its a dangerous situation and with a handful of people reporting this, Its time Ather addresses the issue, sort it out and then roll out the next batch of 450s…and then 450X.

I am worried as the committed delivery of my 450 is nearing.

Thank you for your response Hemanth and support.

I insist Ather team @Ather.Team, @tarun do fix this issue ASAP, never know when this issue might become a more serious & life threatening issue in no time.

Better safe than sorry. :man_shrugging:

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what was the climate temperature when you ride?
and speed u where while in ride?
jus curious to know as chennai is approaching for summer ?

Typical Bangalore temperature, would be around 25 to 32C. I don’t think Bangalore climate has an effect on Ather performance :wink:.

Need to check in summer though…I’m curious now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s technically software issue ,
Bugs are there in new update it will be removing manually in service centre …

@abhishek.balaji. @Ather.Team I m quite frequently reading about issues related to M019 and M017. What is the guarantee that Ather 450x will not encounter problem related to M019 and M017. Have you conducted studies/root cause analysis for this problem like these and other problems encountered in Ather 450?
Could you list out problems faced/bugs encountered in ather 450 and remedial actions taken during design of ather 450x so that it will encounter in ather 450x.


This can take anybody’s life on road. In ICE bike this happens may be due to tyre puncher or no-fuel which is customers fault. But this software bug can bring down Ather reputation


450 or 450x any bike with issue like this can kill rider on road. there must not be any bug like this which suddenly stops the bike in middle of the road. No reply from @Ather.Team for this tread.

@abhishek.balaji Please update on what corrective action is being taken on Ather 450 to address this issue. I sincerely hope that this is being addressed. Concrete solution before delivery of the vehicles to new owners is absolutely necessary. A word on solution will instill confidence in the customers. Thanks.

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Bugs and issues are not free. Actually it’s a liability borne by the customer. He has to pay to get it rectified in the name of OTA updates. You can compare it with china products wher there is no manufacturers warranty, they sell it to you later if you want solutions for bugs impanted pay for updates…
Not Done Ather team, you should have taken atleast 3 years responsibility for repairs and bugs when you are pricing it at such a premium… Kindly remove the charges for connectivity at least for 3years at least for those who are paying in full upfront…

Hopefully, this could mean that the new 450s that will get delivered will be free from this issue.


Do I need to proactively, contact customer care , and get this rectified ? . Right now, I am not facing any issues, related to this. But I am worried.

I don’t want to be in a reactive mode. I use my scooter everyday, and problem like this will become hassle for me.

Any suggestions, what should be next step ?
Or simply wait for next ota update ?

Critical patch updates will still be pushed out for those that are not in the Connect plan.

I’ve been using mine everyday for the last 11 months. I’ve not seen such issues and rightly so since these are isolated instances.

Just enjoy your ride, and if there are any issues your 3yr warranty and the bundles Ather Service plan will take care of any fixes required.

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If I am not wrong, you may be having that first version of the vehicle with old home charging unit (Star Wars Strom Trooper design* :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). These issues mentioned are mostly observed on the vehicles delivered along with new DOT chargers. Trust me its nothing as expected, not a smooth sail at least for me till now. Just 750km on ODO, sent twice to service station.:unamused:

Sadly my vehicle is in service station right now with some hardware issues on sensors pulling all wrong numbers. Anyway, you are lucky to have a good product at hand, but we are not. :man_shrugging:

@abhishek.balaji No reply for the question/queries w.r.t issues faced in ather 450 and actions taken (root cause analysis etc)care during ather 450x design.

@abhishek.balaji As I await the payment window to open for my 450 (order ID 182**), posts on errors M017 and M019 are bugging me. Would this be sorted out before deliveries of the new vehicles as they would be rolling out fresh from factory?

Hi @vkj123,

We’re not charging you to fix the bugs in the software. OTAs contain new features, and improvement as well. However, any critical security and safety related updates will be made available to customers, irrespective of whether they are on any plan or not.