Ludicrous mode


As most of us know that during the last discussion forum @ IBC Knowledge Park @tarun had mentioned the possibilities of getting a ludicrous mode in 450, please comment in this thread !


I wasn’t there at the discussion that day, but would love to have ludicrous mode in 450!


Is it true that the power output of the motor is caped? And the torque delivery from 0-20 isn’t instant. They’ve limited it to make it more smooth ?
It’s that’s the case they could be planning on a ludicrous type of mode


If we require ludicrous mode, they better introduce seat belts for the pillion rider, most of them struggle in sports mode itself :joy:


I agree, my mom almost fell off even though she held on tightly when I switched to sports mode at 30kmph from ride mode😂


Seat belts, yes so that both fall together :wink:


With flight :smiley:

I love to see ludicrous mode, even If the range is as low as 25 km, it’s really fun to have a kick in the Bu** feel once in a while…I was really saddened to see Ather loosing to Ntorq in performance test as reviewed by autocar india…


Firstly, don’t compare things. They are totally different. You don’t have to feel bad about anything. You don’t even own an Ather. The sport mode is enough to get a smile on your face. It never gets old.


Would love to have a ludicrous mode on the Ather 450. God bless the pillion if this mode is added. This mode will surely put an even bigger smile on the riders :))


I have already preordered one after doing some extensive test drive…I was saddened because I loved it. There is no doubt Ather is a better scooter unlike other scooter I call It Gadget on wheels…

Extensive test ride? :scream: You sure?

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Yes covered a long distance with it, and spent a lot of time with Ather…

where you from Bangalore or Chennai?

Was in Bangalore now I’ve moved back to Chennai…:+1:

Makes sense. I was wondering how you got a extensive test ride in Chennai :smiley:

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Don’t be sad Ather has just started… if look at it like this…

The first vehicle of Ather is close to Ntroq… Imagine how the second version and third version vehicle would be…

This just beginning… :wink:


Then we will again be comparing against Ntorq 2021.

Hopefully TVS would have brought their electric one to bring healthy competition…

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Well TVS says they’ll go with BS VI ICE until 2023 at the best or 2025 at the latest so…