Low power mode

Low power mode : M-017,M-019. Got this low power mode suddenly and in this mode we cannot go above 29kmph and its very slow, we will be not able to climb the steep. One of my colleague has 450 and he is facing the issue low power mode M025. Image attached.

Is there any one haveing this issue, and why is this low power mode activating.?

Hey have you reached out to customer support? They’ll be able to help debug and resolve the issue.

The same happened to be

How old is your bike and how much kms ridden?

Yes, its in the service centre since 3 Aug

It is seven days old and crossed 250 km

Any update ? @vijayn585

Even my 450 is also repeatedly going to LOW POWER MODE… Some times when I switch on the it shows LOW POWER MODE.

Mine too. Been at Ather since yesterday. They still haven’t called me. I don’t think I’ll be seeing my 450 back anytime soon.

Did you guys got Sim swap done from Vodafone to bsnl ? My 450 never had got low power mode issue in 1.6 year’s but after Sim swap it used to go to low power mode moment it was turned on irrespective of charge finally it was diagnosed as wiring harness was stretched during Sim swap which was causing it.

No brother, I have not done sim swap, my ather is just 2months old. I’m facing this problem.

Dont worry. Reach out to Ather and they’ll fix it right up.

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