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I have been getting this error “Low Power Mode - M027” since I did the update. I start the vehicle from a stand still when I have full-charge, 80% charge or 30% charge, it doesn’t matter. It just goes to this mode which asks me to switch off the bike for 1-minute, just 1-minute mind you. You can’t just switch it off go have tea and comeback to start and it’s fine. No no, exactly one minute. And I called the Ather support about this and they want me to bring the vehicle in. I am not in Bangalore, I took my bike back home so my dad could use it (assuming showroom and service comes to Coimbatore in 2021).

It MAKES NO SENSE, as to why I need to bring it in for fixing what looks like a software update issue. Why can’t another update be rolled to fix the bug? what exactly requires manual intervention here! I keep getting cryptic answers from support who themselves don’t have any clue about this because they’ve just been asked to tell us to bring the bike in.! One of the support agent said it’s something about temperature and overheating. How can an idle/parked bike be overheated? and how is this one-minute thing going to fix?!?!?

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looks like you might have a faulty sensor reading tripping the error you can call the CC and book for service to rectify the error , mine too had this problem after service it never came

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This could be a faulty sensor, a faulty wiring harness, an actual issue with the motor or a S/w problem. Ather wouldn’t know it until they diagnose it in person.

lol. Just like any other electronic product. Turn it off and turn it back on!.

Do try a hard reset (Hold both brakes and the start button until your dash restarts) and see if that helps.

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tried dash reset, key shutdown and restart. no hope. I get that it’s a problem. But why 1 minute restart instead of restart is what bugs the hell out of me. I was referring to this very thing as the bug, not the possible faulty sensor. It’s fine if parts malfunction, error correction user journey should’ve been written with User’s experience in mind!

Hey @Navie,

As Raghav mentioned, entering low power mode is a safety feature in case there’s something off with the motor. Hence you see the error code starting with M. In some cases, the error is due to a false positive on the sensor, and in some cases it actually indicates a hardware issue. The turn off for 1 minute and turn it back on, is to eliminate any software bugs that might occur, so we can diagnose the issue better.

You’d have also observed when trying to debug other electronics such as routers where the ask is to wait for 10 secs or a minute before turning it on again. It just asks that you wait for minute atleast before turning it on again.

That being said, I’ll pass on your feedback about making the UX better for errors and providing more information on the dashboard regarding errors, and basic diagnostic steps.

it isn’t a minute (atleast), it is almost an exact minute. I have switched it off for a few minutes and comeback, the error happens again, but if I have it off for approx 1-2 mins, it starts working. what’s up with that? it’s almost like it physically demands me to wait 1 minute before starting everytime. I sometimes try to just switch it on get the error and switch it off 10 of 15 mins before starting my journey, but no it doesn’t allow me.

Either ways, these sensors aren’t suppose to increase the complexity of the riding and maintenance experience! that was my point. And let the users in on a few maintenance options (open-source) instead of this proprietary bring everything to service center. This isn’t a great plan to scale. Imagine ICE engines are pretty new in market for existing horse riders, what if they have to bring the bike in for repair to workshop all the time!

Agree. The sensors are actually meant to ease the user experience as well as provide usage data that should “ideally” allow a manufacturer to preemptively address potential issues.

But if the sensor itself needs maintenance, can’t really help there! :slight_smile:

Agree with this as well, with caveats being that we don’t want everyone sticking their fingers into the battery/BMS or power electronics. Basic maintenance such as being able to clean the inner sprockets and belts, open the mirrors to self tighten the ball sockets, etc should be part of the user manual.

I also got same problem but solved like mentioned

No company wants anyone to stick their fingers in ICE or power electronics. But not just for safety issues, but to control the servicing revenue. if safety is the only concern, release a legal disclaimer and an open-source manual! ECU remap is possible for performance upgrade in modern cars, everyone knows that the mileage reduces, and does it anyways.

I had some other problem from last one month now as i start my vehicle the cooling fan will on i don’t know why this is happening. Is there is any problem from this…? Any servicing is required…? As i stay in hassan

Any issues you’re facing because of that? The fan turns on and off depending on ambient temperature and the battery/motor temps, so it’s common that it will turn on/off dynamically.

THIS is an ISSUE! this error is being treated lighter than it is! as of now there is no difference between ICE and electric vehicle with errors like this! ICEs are open source, any mechanic can fix it, this isn’t. So technically it’s much worse! bad bad experience. I am not bringing my bike back in, unless I know exactly what the problem is and what is going to be changed!

Hey @Navie,

I was trying to understand from @banavara.manjunath what the issue was, since he only mentioned that the fan turns on when he switches on this vehicle, and that’s not an issue unless errors show up.

On your issue of the low power mode, I’m working with the team internally to get a resolution on this soon, please allow me a couple of days to share an update on this.

I just figured out how to fool the M027 error. I start the vehicle and throttle away, then error pops-up, then I switch off and on (left lever + power on button again) and continue riding and the error goes away. Proof that it’s a software bug and not hardware! Please release the bug fix!

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I still do face the issue and I just found a workaround. But may I know why the solution isn’t found exactly? I know you guys fixed the M027 issue for others by making them bring the scooter for service. Least you could do is tell me exactly what kinda hardware fault it is that requires physical service. because this looks more like it’s a software issue and that rollback not being a possibility might be the reason I still have this issue.

He’s a different Abhishek :slight_smile:

The low power mode is a safety feature similar to ones found on premium motorcycles, that prevents the vehicle from shutting down abruptly when an issue is anticipated, and instead reduces the performance to ensure safety of the rider.

The occurrence of Low power mode is not a software issue, we investigated this and found that one of the reasons for this could be hyper-sensitivity around temperature sensing and throttle sensing, leading to false positives. These have been fixed in later vehicles, and you’ll have to bring it in for service to get this fixed on yours

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