Low power Mode ~ M017

Before this M017 problem started…

~ I faced the dashboard auto restart problem from past 1 week.

~ 2 days back suddenly power/pickup dropped.

~ Today the battery cooling fan was running too many times; even during initial start of the motor.

~ Too much vibration in floorboard.

~ Sound became abnormal.

When I reached my workplace at 11am, I turned off the scooter and went to work. When I returned back, time was 9:30pm. I turned on the scooter…

~ Dashboard showed Low power mode - M017 warning.

~ I turned off the key and after few min again turned on…it worked!

~ But again same error was displayed and scooter power dropped.

~ Too much vibration, noise…clearly, I could experience a feeling like something is grinding below the seat and floorboard.

~ turned off and turned on the key almost 30 times.

~ I slowly reached home (for a 40 minutes distance, it’s took 90 minutes)

Horrible experience at night!!!

Service pickup scheduled from my home for tomorrow morning.

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