Long Story short 700+Days


I have been Following Ather since 2018 As I tend to focus on Autombiles and Electronics from very young Age

But Took Serious when I want to buy a New EV Vehicle rather than Buying Petrol one It’s was in 2020 November when I started my Exploration on Vehicles in Market

Went for Revolt , PureEV ,Okinawa , Ampere

And Even Went to Banglore to Check Ather at Experience center Was Very much Impressed by Vehicle and Features

When it comes to Purchasing Revolt said waiting 6months ,No Ather showroom in Hyd, Pureev 1month, Okinawa 2months,Ampere 1month

Even I didn’t choose personally Non Removable option in Ather

Then they opened Ather Hitechcity by Pride group

That was when Gen2 came New Not Gen 1 or Series 1 which I seen in Bangalore

1.6Lakhs In 2021 was Definitely worth So I recommend to 2 friends who travels atleast 50kms A Day for ther purpose

I chosed Pureev Epluto 7G on April6 2021

It’s Been 2 years with my EV No Major problem 33k kms In Last 6months my vehicle had did just 1500kms Sad about that :cry:

Our Friends are Around Same Kms now Also 35k kms,40K Kms

Plus point for them was Grid Network I didn’t Expect Ather to increase Grid from 100’s to 1300’s All India in 24 Months

Even I used Grid Many Times​:star_struck::star_struck::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Last was in Coonoor Grid in our recent trip

Came to know with help of @chef.arun7

And meet many others in #CommunityDay #Banglore @tarun @swapnil.iitm @swarna.srimal @Nilay @ravneet.phokela @vijay.nair and rest

@abhishek.balaji Virtually

@chethanchandrashekar @chef.arun7

It was Great Experience I Attended on Behalf of My Cousin

While coming to Charging at Home The PC and Portable are Pretty Good enough to Job complete

If I’m not wrong it’s 700W watts Charger which we checked with Many smart Plugs For Current Consumtion calculation​:smile::smile:

But Ather has surpassed Past 1.2 Lakhs vehicle Mark at Today

And Ather to Offer Economical Ones also for Better Reach nd Give Customers Same Quality and Reliability on par from Other EV’s

As seen in your Website and Recent Community Day Insights from Bangalore where I have Been part of

But charging times are Scary in New 450x (Rummored or May be True)

If that’s the Case Then you are making them to purchase Faster Charger for More Ease isn’t it.??

We had done Various Experiments on Charging Vehicle at Lower input Current

But charger was Cleaver Enough to Deliver consistent charge current

Now Our Closed Community has All EV’s Available in India Expect BMW CE04 and Ultraviolet F77 and 2’ F77 is on there way

But Never seen These charging times any where in EV community Ather.,!!

Even sad part is Nexon EV charging Faster than new timings​:cry::cry:

We request to review and Make Atleast 500watts charger

For both Time vs Economic Case concers

We grown to 100+ Atherites or Atherians or Ather Floks Where majority are Gen2 and Gen3.1


I had done Around 10k kms on My Pals Athers​:partying_face::partying_face: There Athers are working Fabulous till now

Just now shots​:cold_face::cold_face:

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Nice write up. Curious question. Why didn’t you update to latest Atherstack yet ? To avoid 80% charging limit at Ather grids ?


Nothing in Specific #Newwings are Scary Sometimes😄 #wingsofpower

Our Uncle got Used to Older UI so Kept As it is.!!


Can you tell me how is the vehicle, maintenance-wise? Any major work done? Are you noticing any decrease in range?

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Bro Series 1 is Collector’s Edition of Gen 2 450x

Really Scary , Ather needs to give 750W in All Vehicle , 250W can’t be Serious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wish

Yeah , The Typical Automobile Gimmick :rofl: to Boost Top Model’s Sale :sweat_smile:

That’s True without Doubt :crown:


Anyone owning 250w charger and want to sell it off?


I dont think the sales start until next week. You might be able to buy it directly from dealership after some time.

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No one got #250w charger now