Long range model

As much as there are people complaining about high price, there are sizable number of people who are ready to pay 1 to 1.5 lakhs more over the sticker price to get double the range… is there any plan for 450x Long range model?

I doubt that’s doable on the 450 platform with current battery tech. Where do you suggest they put th bigger battery? 100km is like the magic number, I suppose a 3.5kWh battery pack is near perfect. For 2 lakhs. Ather will need to design an all new platform or, sometime in the the future start using 4680 cells when they become available. That could possibly be able to utilise the 450 platform to get more range. And all us 450 owners hope that by the time we need a battery change, we’ll have a much more dense and higher capacity battery available for our scooter

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I can only imagine a maxi scooter type platform that will hold the additional battery capacity and still have enough underseat storage. This will also provide an opportunity to put in a fixed + swappable dual battery pack system.

But the cost Vs volume math will not be in its favour!


The existing battery pack should be upgraded from 3.7ah/hr battery to a 5 ah/hr this will push the range to at least 120 km on the true range, might be costly to change those 168 cells

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Absolutely, it will be super useful if Ather can come up with a longer range EV & more FCs. Am sure thats the next step Ather is working hard on. :crossed_fingers::+1:

They are expanding rapidly as of now,a long range model and a affordable model with less premium and techy features with good range and decent performance at a affordable price point will be on their list for sure,if not get them added:).