Local Address Proof Submission

Hi Friends,

I order Ather 450 recently now my bike is ready. I need to submit local address proof but I don’t have any local address proof. I am staying in a PG I don’t have a rental agreement as well.
Please, can anyone help what needs to be done to get local address proof?
Or provide any agent details to get it done.

Best is to ask the financial institution itself. Otherwise the following two can serve this purpose I feel…

If you are working, a letter from your company on it’s letter head
If you are a student, a letter from your college on it’s letter head

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You can ask your PG owner for a signed address proof or can create a 811 bank account and use that as address proof

Yes i am working in IT industry is my company letter head is sufficient as address proof?

I guess you should be having a Salary account if you are working in IT, that should be enough