Living with the ather on a hill station

Hello guys i am from coonoor near ooty and have recently pre booked the ather 450x from the newly opened coimbatore experience center. I must say that i am really curious to find out how the ather perfoms on a hill station. If anyone has experience riding the 450 x on a hill station please let me kno❤️.

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The @450X-Owners-Pune have been doing some amazing rides through their ghat regions, they would be the best to talk about this

Oh great that might be useful…thank you.

Hi. You can go through our Lavasa ride travelogue to get an idea about how 450X handles ghat roads.

Electrifying Trip to Lavasa with our Ather 450x

I was just going to quote you guys having read through your trip. Thank you for such a detailed description lot of my doubts have vanished now😅. Really confidence inspiring


Took delivery of the 450 x today from Coimbatore…Had to cover a total of 72 km to reach my hometown including ghat roads.

Started on a full charge with a range of 85 km. Rode a total of 40 kms at a average speed of 30 kmph and reached Mettupalayam which is the foothill…with remaining charge of 67% and a range of 58 km

The total ghat section was about 30 km so having a range of 58 km i confidently pressed on with the ride without thinking about charging. Rode at a speed of 35 kmph halfway through the ghat section,at this point i had about 35 km range left and about 18 km to cover so i decided to increase my speed to about 40 kmp still riding in eco mode.

Eco mode felt sufficient for the speed in which i was travelling and it gave me sufficient amount of pull during the uphill ride,had to shift to ride mode to overtake buses a few times. Riding at 40 kmph through the hills had taken a slight toll on my range and i was left with 1 km when i reached home😅.

Pros: Excellent handling through corners.

More than sufficient torque available to pull through hill roads.

Lots of surprised folks who saw an electric scooter riding effortlessly through the hills.


   Considerable decrease in range during the uphill ride (But i had expected that to happen. Cant be helped happens to all automobiles in the hills).

Overall a very exciting ride ,had a lot enquiries regarding the 450x during the ride.:heart_eyes: