Light on off switch on dashbord

लाइट बंद ओर चालू करने का स्विच होना चाहिये उससे दिन में बैट्री का चार्ज बच सके ( डे टाइम रंनिंग लाइट को छोड़ कर )

Translation edit: There should be a switch to turn the light off and on so that the battery can be saved during the day (except daytime running light)


क्या किसी को नही लगता इसकी जरूरत ह ?


No, the headlight barely uses any power, and even if you turn it off, you wont get any range. It’s also mandatory to have lights running as per the law.


Yes, lights consume almost no battery power in total. And Ather is more noticeable and beautiful when its lights are turned on. Lights are important to me in terms of appearance and presence, so I prefer to keep them on.


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yes,but we already have DRL day running lights then why do you want low beam to be on always and even if you like you could have turned it on if there was a light on and off button and by the way the lights consume 1% of the battery but ignoring it it would have been better if there comes a feature through update for lights on and off because not everyone want llow beam as always on !

This was originally written for 450, but should answer your query too about why the headlights need to be on too.