Let's take Ather to Khardung la Pass - One of the Highest Motorable Road

Hey Guys,

How about we take our Ather to Khardung La Pass, One of the Highest Motorable Roads in the World. Its just 40 Kms from the Leh Airport, I’m sure we can do a round trip back to Leh in one charge.
Also, i think Ather would be the first EV Scooter to do such feat! What do you think Guys??


How do you plan on doing this trip ? :thinking:
Fly ather to Leh airport??
Or contact someone in Leh to apply for a dealership?

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Thats not a LEHman’s task. :joy:
gettit? :joy:


Great idea… It will be great trip… No problem… We can give a try…:smiley:

If I get some good lead time with a plan, I am in…

Okinawa guys have tried from Delhi n its available in YouTube.

Yes that’s true. Seeing that, I was almost at the Okinawa showroom in Mysore. Luckily didn’t book

I don’t know yet, haven’t figured it out yet. Just a thought crossed my mind and the view of Ather on that pass couldnt resist me posting this on the Forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For sure, let’s give it some thought and see if it actually can materialize with not much expenses. I am not sure if it will… :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything can be managed except leaves… Office is the problem… :unamused:

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We should first know the dry patch of ride between fuel pumps. We could use the fuel pumps as mobile recharge stations for the Ather. The next thing we should know is how the battery performs at temperatures at the lower end of the mercury readings.