Let's go to Chennai!

Hmm havent got it yet…did you sign up early on…?

It was sent to all forum users who are tagged as Ather owners…


Looks like new owners like me don’t have access to it yet.

Ya, this also seem to good idea but we need point connectivity through the way, May be post Chennai launch we can join the dots,

interested can join me (which is risk x 10)

you are riding your 450?

Hey Guys,

I’m adding everyone who has RSVP’d with a positive to another group and thread. You will have access to it in about an hour where all the logistical updates for the trip will be shared :slight_smile:

Hey Shreyas, while you’re at it could you advise us on our options if we’d like to make the trip with a plus one?

s my flight 6947 as always

everything was set already

@santsplen was helping me at Palamner

@HarshaVardhan at chittor

got map coordinates from them

thanks people

just need to find one more at



anyone there to save my time!

otherwise ill find one when i reach there

I would love to but,
I am completely occupied till 5th hence I had opted for night Bus,

guys @Ather_Owner

its working now

please go fill the details!


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I’m not there on it. Add me please?

I am interested

please include IIT chennai part of the route as this has become an iconic place with the success of Ather

we would like to hear some memories live when we are in chennai


Not working for me

did u register here before!

if yes Shreyas will help u out in getting access

Yeah i completed my RSVP, @Shreyas Help me regarding this

Anyone knows if we can accompany someone to Chennai along with us?

no one can stop u :grin:

Have added you :slight_smile: There was some issue earlier

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