Let's go to Chennai!


Hey Guys!

The dates for Chennai are finally out! We are hosting an event for all our Pre-order Interest folks on 6th and 7th of July for whom pre-orders will open on 8th July.

During our first Owners Meet, we had discussed the possibility of you guys coming along with us for the launch event for our Chennai enthusiasts. Now that the dates are locked, we’d love to officially invite you all to be part of the event.

What’s the plan?

  1. Our Chennai enthusiasts will have a bunch of questions on the Ather 450 and who better than our owners to answer these questions? We are scheduling interactions sessions between our Bengaluru owners and our future owners from Chennai to make this happen.

  2. A fleet of Ather 450s on Chennai roads? Since a lot of you were excited by this idea we have chalked out a route touching some of the iconic places in Chennai. This will be first community ride outside Bengaluru.

We’ll take care of logistics for your scooter, your travel and accommodation. So do let us know at the earliest if you can make it for this special occasion.

You can RSVP here!


Me me me.
What about accomodation?

Read full brother… @Ather.Team will take care :slight_smile:


I’m so excited for this! It’ll be great to go to the roots of Ather!

I am so wanted to come. but sad won’t be able to make it as i already have that weekend booked for family outing.

I wish Team Ather and the folks joining them a great time and even greater experience. Lets Rock!!

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Does it mean we drive the bikes from Bangalore to Chennai on the National Highway all the way?

Nope. They’ll ship the bikes to Chennai by road.


:slight_smile: our greed that Ather grid is so much covered

It’s still going to be a long ride with lots of stops in between. 10 hour ride easily!

Yep very much interested!!

yes very much intrested

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Hey Guys,

A lot of you have very recently received the vehicle, and would have missed seeing this thread and the top post.

We are going to Chennai in two weeks and would love to take you along!

Please RSVP for the trip by tomorrow evening, after which we will finalise the Chennai Team and start sharing the details with you :slight_smile:

Super duper excited about this! I’m in.

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Hey guys,

After requesting my father ( green signal from mom) for the permission to join you guys in Chennai, he plainly declined even after requesting many times.
He is saying that due to the water scarcity all the hotels will get closed and the plan will get cancelled ( lame excuse, but can’t argue with the BOSS). Basically, he doesn’t want me to go out anywhere.
I am really very sorry @Shreyas please cancel my name.
Looks like I will have a boring vacation ( yeah, SEM end vacation starts next week).
I didn’t tell him about taking my Nimbus to Chennai, he would be furious.
But still he declined.

He lives in KSA and when I came to Bangalore, it was a complete new atmosphere. That was 3 years ago.
He probably thinks that I am still a small 15 year old kid who has no experience in living without family for 2 days.
He is very over protective.

Anyways, can you guys at least make a live video for the launch ( I don’t want to miss it ) for the unlucky folks like me. ( Just me I guess)

Just wondering, would he allow me to work /study in another city let alone another country in another 3 years because for him, I will be still that small 15 year old kid.

Sorry once again.

P.S. Even my Quora answers are not this long

Hi Shreyas, thanks for the invite! My wife and I together bought the 450 and we both are very interested and are considering being part of this. Which brought the question to our minds, can only the registered owner take part and be accommodated for this event? The answer is probably obvious but I thought I’d get clarification anyway before taking a decision.

Hi @Shreyas I have filled the form. I’m not sure if it’s updated and you can see my name. I just wanted a confirmation that my name is on the list.

@Shreyas signed up anyway… Will figure it out whatever it is… We want to be there!

Hi Shreya’s!!!

I have signed up for both the days and opted for bus onward and train return.

A friend of mine who has booked an Ather 450 but not picked it yet is also interested.

Please do let me know if he can be accommodated? we can travel on our own and would appreciate if you can arrange for him to stay with me.

In either scenario my Vehicle would be available for pickup on Thursday 4th July.


Did you guys fill any second form with travel and vehicle transportation information.


Even I’d like to know the same.

Yeah, I filled the form which asked for vehicle details, pickup details and travel preference