LED backlight for translucent panel

LED backlight for translucent panel ? :rotating_light: :traffic_light: :bulb:

If we can customize and add few LED lights on the aluminum chassis, it would be spectacular to see it in the night with the translucent panel

Please vote here!! :zap::zap::zap:

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Or an option to get radium paint on the frame ;).

Why radium with just one color? Multi color LED’s with music sync or even notification based app controlled slow faded colors would be more amazing!!

Ex: Eco mode green backlight Ride Mode Blue backlight Sport Mode Red backlight Warp Mode some RGB combo :sweat_smile:


which can be hocked up to Powerbank from helmet space and add some led strip to the frame.

or GLOW in dark paint.

I see where this is going! But just for spoilers, we might not see these come up in 450x at least… :grimacing:

But if we had a 12V socket and a bit of hacks, … Hmm… doable.

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Right!! This would be sick!!! Would glow red most times though XD

Yes for the same reason I said radium cause we can get that paint in while they’re changing the black panel to translucent :P.

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Single Red light also works, it’ll go well with the CE theme. But totally need fading levels maybe they can link it to break lights, no one will be able to see it while riding. At least in signals will keep the eye balls rolling :smiley:

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Something like this would be damn cool!


Will be too much for bike/scooter :sweat_smile: Look at the size of that thing! Won’t fit anywhere inside. Will need to hang it outside.

Any idea if the space inbetween storage and translucent panel will be accessible for adding our own power bank and led strip?

Well the question is, can that be incorporated?:joy:

Here you go! https://www.amazon.in/Divoom-Speaker-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth/dp/B07HYN7YQ3/

If only I can slide this inside space inbetween storage and panels. Someone please tell meeeeeeee!

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Well, it’s too fat!! They’ll need to strip most of the components and let only the display be there. But there is another problem, Ather has a curved body so bascially not possible. They’ll have to make their own such device which they don’t have the time for so I guess it’s a no ;(

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That I will do myself :stuck_out_tongue:

What I want to know is the size of space available inbetween and if it’s accessible via screws :smiley:


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From whatever I’ve seen, the side panels are easily replaceable and looks like this thing will fit in the space between the panels and the frame. The thickness or depth of the cubby hole cover is your rough guide to how much space is available between the panels and the frame. The transparency of the panels are less so whatever LEDs you put must be set to the highest brightness level I guess. The power can come from a powerbank kept in the cubby hole.

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isn’t there a feature request for charging socket? Lets push on it. It will help a lot with both lights as well as charging phones. Not sure how charging for BT helmet is going to be implemented.