Learn to Drive - A Discussion

I am ecstatic with what Ather has managed to do with atherstack 5.0. The smoother UI, in my opinion, brings up new avenues (Some that have probably never been implemented in a scooter). One of the biggest problems people complain about is probably range. There would be 3 ways to address the complaint:

  • Bigger Battery -Increases costs for the company and the end user

  • Better Charging Infrastructure –Increases costs for the company and bring a host of other challenges

  • Better Riding

Imagine gamifying the Ather riding experience! With the new wings on the dash, an interactive learning mode can be developed to address this issue at it’s core, our driving skills! You can teach a rider to drive more efficiently in the following ways:

  • Wings are modified so the gradual increase in throttle is visible & distinguishable. (a sudden increase would show a red halo on the wings or the wings themselves turn red) an instruction screen shows that you accelerated too quickly and could show a gif on wings showing smooth acceleration.
  • Coasting and regen techniques can be taught in the same manner.
  • Efficiency is hurt when you accelerate very high on a lower mode, trying to go to 50 Kmph on eco would probably drain more than switching to ride mode. This can be indicated by a prompt to change modes.

Again, This would be a specific mode that when enabled tracks your progress as well. IMO, Ather should atleast develop a short video series on efficient riding, if they play it right they would probably be handing out more awards next year and not be plagued by so many complaints on range!

I would love to be a part if this is something Ather would like to develop!!

Please feel free to express your views on this. (P.S. I am not sure if the idea is feasible, would love to hear your thoughts!)


Looping in @prathap.n cos smart eco with wings of power does exactly this!


Sir when will the roll out of Ather stack 5 start???


@maniashwin3003 Thank you for the post and your inference of ride animation gives me a feeling that it is well received. Riders of two wheelers ride based on how they see and feel the vehicle response. It could be through speed on dashboard, vibrations or engine sound. But with EV scooter these interactions are completely different. With new ride animation we had to rethink about how riders react on road in different scenarios and ensure users don’t have to think while riding but to react to the on-road conditions without loosing the control of vehicle. All this while having fun riding.

We have addressed learnability and intuitiveness with real-time feedback of power available and power consumption in each mode. Here are few tricks you can try with wings of power:

  • Switch modes when you see the power you are using is not enough for the speed you wish to go.

  • Once you reach the speed you wish to go, If you maintain your throttle to draw power within the V shape of the wings, you should be able to coast.

  • Smart eco is one of a kind ride mode. This mode adapts to any external factors affecting efficiency to ensure you get the range you see on display. With new ride animation we have made it more intuitive. The maximum power available will change as you ride based on efficiency. This will over the time build an efficient riding behavior.

Do try this mode with new animation and let us know if we covered the points you mentioned.