Lawful riders' check

@Ather.Team, I hope you guys are collecting the honking & indicator usage data?

In the interest of general public, you guys can influence the ather riders and also the rest of them on the street.

With the help of route map and the above two inputs you should be able to realize how best a rider is following the traffic rules like - turning on the indicator on turns, not honking, honking at a signal , honking at school, hospital, silent zones etc… whether or not you award one but building and sharing the stats in public and to respective individually should make everyone realize and follow the norms.

I believe no other brand can manage to do this but you - at the moment.


If ather does that then people will call it as ather collecting user data.
How about people who turn off incognito mode?


Good luck for them… it is optional.

I agree. But it requires more data consumption. Might it exhaust data charge of daily quota.

Hmm… pls put your concerns together, I will try to respond at once - though I am not a software techie.

No thanks. I’d rather Ather not become a self righteous moral police.


wouldn’t exhaust the data. it’s pretty light. most data intensive is the over the air update

Think big… You are already at the mercy of Google and the likes for pretty much all digital products n services/platforms.
Sharing the riding patterns shouldn’t hurt.

Google doesn’t moral police you.

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