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@abhishek.balaji can you please tell what if ather employees who use the vehicle daily encouter some bugs/want any new features for them .just curious to know :joy:

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A lot of people do! Thankfully they report bugs directly and don’t post here :joy: employees get early builds even before it goes into beta


Do Tarun or Swapnil come by their Ather? Are their any electric car users? I don’t think you’d allow anybody to use another electric scooter in the team :joy:

Both of them usually do, a few electric car users I’ve seen, a few electric cycles. We of course have plenty of charging points in the office parking

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Would love to see their efficiency and stats.

Tarun’s 450 was used as a Demo vehicle during the chennai launch, along with a few more vehicles that belonged to Ather employees :grinning:


Could see Tarun and Swapnil riding 450’s in the Chennai video. Are they still riding the 450 or have got the 450X? Tarun had the 9th booking he told someplace. Do all have Series 1?

What about…


Can I change rear tyre to 120/70-12 with more grippy… Will there be any difference in performance and range…

I am sure range will be impacted… firstly why do you need more grip… I think the current tyre are good enough… 120 section tyre would mean more contact patch if you reduce the psi only else at OEM pressure your contact patch on tarmac would be same… if you are looking for grip try reducing tyre pressure see if that improves… again are you planning to knee down on the scooter? I hope not

If this is only for rainy day may be tyre with more groves can help but then… do you really need it?

Michelin has 90/90 check those

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I think someone had changed to 110/80 , the same ones on the TVS Ntorq and it really did improve handling and grip. Could consider if you don’t mind a few Km less of range.

The 450 itself feels like it needs a but more grippier tyres. I’ve spun my wheels accidentally out of corners more times than I can remember. And in the rain, I just don’t dare go to sports mode. I can’t imagine how hard it will be in warp mode. Putting down so much torque works only on ideal tarmac, ina straight line and with ather smoothening out the initial power delivery.
I wish someday we get to see a sort of launch mode on an ather with some seriously grippy tyres. That would feel amazing. ( Which is what we asked for and we got the 450X launch instead :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::roll_eyes:)
All of that being said I’m still happy with the MRF nylogrip 90/90 they are a good mix of range and grip if you’re not someone who’s in a hurry on a rainy day riding on not so straight roads.

Ya I fill some 28psi in turning out quick overtaking 450 slips but I’m able to manage it… But slightly scared… More over I though more circumference slight quick acceleration😅

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