Just Booked Ather 450X online!

Hi Folks theres are videos and people saying there will be new Ather 3rd gen will launching soon. on youtube and websites and word of mouth with better mileage, better tire, better dyanamics and new colours. what do you guys think? i have just booked the Ather 450X online.

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Bro don’t wait it will be atleast 2-3 months away to launch and than after 2 _3 months delivery will start because I have also taken delivery before 4-5 days ago but 450x will be worth to say proud owner of Ather 450x :tada::sunglasses:

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I too have same question. Just booked 450x. Regarding 450x 3rd Gen, based on the quick google search it looks like we will be offered with an option to opt for new model it seems at some point later. I hope that’s true. For accurate information I think we should reach near by Ather showroom.

they don’t know anything.

I have booked another 450x on June 11, last week I went to the other showroom to enquire about by bike they said I’d be getting the 3rd Jan model without extra waiting, They said I’ll be getting my bike at the end of the august or September. Actually I wanted the bike on or before Ganesh chaturhi


showroom people have said about 3rd gen model in august/september without waiting? really? which showroom is it?

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Ather team goa

like they didn’t disclose the information like price or the range also the cost, they just told me that we have good news for you, you’ll get the new generation Ather 450x which will come with extended range. The current version of Ather 450x will be shutdown I mean they won’t produce it anymore, it will be replaced by the new generation

Anyone here who had booked 450x in April 22 and got delivered recently?

Did u book gen 3 ? Im from goa too