Journey of 10000 kms with my Light fury

Before I start off, let me take a moment to thank Ather team as a whole.

Be it the Technical team, Experience center team or the Service team (apart from cc :stuck_out_tongue: though they are responsive there is a communication gap definitely), they are definitely way ahead.

Proud to own an Indian brand of International quality.

Have been following Ather, Tork, Emflux and a few other EVs from India and Ather is the one that made to production and the product (Ather 450) is definitely a masterpiece and way ahead of time and competition

And for those who are still wondering what a light fury is please watch How to train your dragon

Ownership Review:

To start with I got my Light Fury delivered on first batch in Chennai (Oct 19th) after a loooong waait and have covered 10k in a span of 5 months.

There has been a lot of reviews on Ather on the internet by this time. But still I am just gonna cover on the areas where it had the wow factor.

Attention to details.

Ather 450 can easily serve the lifetime for most of the owners. Be it the charger, motor, brakes everything is of atmost quality. And more important the battery pack, Ather as we all know always under quotes the spec right from range to acceleration. I am very sure that even for my aggressive riding style and charging patterns the battery pack would easily come over 5 years. For light users, it should serve the lifetime.

Can take it anywhere.

I have taken my light fury in water, mud, sand, gravels and what not. Still she can go in and come out from anywhere.

Ather as primary ride.

After getting Ather, slowly got rid of other ICE two wheelers that I had. And Ather became my primary ride. (Spoilt by the torque and my car feels sluggish now) Though the range of Ather is sufficient for most of the owners, I thought Ather cannot suffice me for the kms that I would be travelling on a day to day activity. But with fast charging stations and portable charger, with slight planning, there is no range anxienty and definitely Ather can serve you as a primary ride without any second thoughts.

A note about the service crew.

To start with let me share a clip from the Chennai watsapp group memeing Ather Chennai service team

I personally faced a small accident and service team impressed me by just taking a day to do all of the parts replacement along with 10k service and insurance. All in a SINGLE day. And though I requested the team to give in a day, I thought definitely they will take a couple of days to return my ride. But to my surprise they returned in a single day. Excellent co-oridination and special thanks to Selva anna and his team.

Hick ups faced till now:

-> Thinking

-> Thinking

-> Thinking

May be I am suffering from amnesia or there is nothing of that sort

Guys come on, You would have guessed me being a hardcore fanboy of Ather by now. I have heard from friends, that they got a couple of issues like low power mode etc. But I personally haven’t faced any. And Ather service team covers up for most of these minor issues and makes the customers super happy.

Areas to be improved atleast on 450x:

  • Mesh or any plastic cladding to cover the wires which are susceptible to the rodents
  • Mud guard for the wheels to reduce or eliminate the splash
  • Increase the battery capacity. Agreed there is a technical challenge. You guys would have already squeezed the max with the battery pack size. But an optional secondary battery or portable fast charger would definitely help
  • Broader tyres with more grip

October to now, 10000 Kms… Oops… Amazing! Anyway, thanks for writing your journey.


Whoa! 10,000kms in 5 months is almost 66kms driven everyday!

Like the way you call out how one can get spoilt by the torque and a car feel sluggish.

Also it’s heartening to note that the Ather service team is very good.

Thanks for sharing. Wishig you many many more kms of happy riding with the Light Fury!


10K kms… vowww… amazing rider u r… I covered 4100 kms from october till the begining of lockdown. The vehicle performance is amazing. The range per charge is also good. Even i faced with a small accident and the vehicle took most of the impact and saved me. The solid build of the vehicle saved me. The service team(Selva and his team) rectified it very fast.

By the by, have u done the first service scheduled for your vehicle? Kindly share some details, if you have done, like how much did it cost and parts replaced details etc…

Thanks for your post and happy riding light fury…


Hi @praveen.s,

My vehicle has gone through 2 services and until our vehicle is covered under ather service plan nothing to worry on the cost side. I have spent ZERO rupees.

On the parts side, upon inspection they might replace brake pads, adjust belt tension etc. Just inform any problems you have and Ather service team would rectify those and also they will do full inspection and replace things that you did not even mention…

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Thank You @gklc811. Ya since it is under service plan, i need not worry. Got it. Happy riding.