Joshua's Story

Thought you could use the Ather app only on your smartphone?

Think again.

Joshua, who owns an Ather 450, figured out how to run it on his smartwatch. We all wondered why he went to such lengths though, so we reached out to him. Here’s what we learnt.

Joshua, who is originally from Vizag, currently lives and works in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, his father (pictured in slide 3) uses his Ather 450 back home. This means that when the scooter is charging, Joshua’s father regularly reaches out to his son to monitor the scooter’s charging status. This meant that Joshua had to unlock his phone multiple times a day to open the Ather app and report back to his dad. He wondered if there was a more efficient way to do this, which is when he realised he could load the Ather app on his smartwatch. Which is exactly what he did. And while the app is not optimised for his watch screen, it still gets the job done for Joshua.

Check out the link to see the video :


Been there done that over a year go, never knew it was a competition, also removed it as samsung watch will constantly restart when unsupported app which are installed in it.

Ather should develop a apk for watch just shows the basic and notification like battery and range remaining, tyre pressure and charge notification.


Don’t you get notifications on the Samsung Watch? Basic notifications work well on Apple Watch


yeah, I forgot the Samsung watch does get the notifications, but They are already stripping the features in Gen 1 and 1.5. so the only notification I’ll ever get is when Ather is moved.


This is totally unacceptable. How can they just stop supporting old gen scooters. OTA & app support is something that has to be provided for the lifetime of the product. Eg for Apple, it is around 6 years of OS updates and approx 10 yrs of security patches & support.


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