Issue in saree Guard

Today morning while coming to duty around speed 60 to 70kmph, suddenly observed below the seat abnormal sound, and while taking left turn, scooter got imbalanced but luckily am safe.

Parked the scooter on the road side and observed the saree guard that one joint was fully broken and another joint had cracked.

Slowly took the scooter to my office parking yard. Called to RSA they are arranging towing

Can’t you just unscrew the saree guard and continue riding it ?

That’s sad…Towing for this! you should tell them to come with a Saree guard, Fix it and take this broken one back.


Get a Allen key set from a shop nearby and unscrew yourself, might be faster than waiting for the tow vehicle to show up.

Myself unscrewed using 4mm Allen key.

Yes ur right sir, Complaint and request given today 16/02/2021 10am and they are scheduled 17/02/2021 @10:30am😏

First of all how did this happen. Definitely some external force have been used. It is made of metal not hard plastic to break while riding.

Even I also don’t know how it’s broken . I agree am jumping scooter in speed breaker in some time but not repeated .

May be in public parking it’s happened :thinking:

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