ISI Marked Helmets Mandatory from June 1st

As per a government order passed 26 Nov 2020, ISI branded Helmets are compulsory.

What do you owners who have branded Helmets with international certifications like DOT, ECE, etc. Plan to do? What are your views on this? We all know how cops are, explaining to them is actually useless. They’ll do anything to get fines. I remember a similar rule was brought in Bengaluru in 2018 and revoked shortly after, but while it was there, it caused a lot of problems for law-abiding motorists like us.

P.s. I have a Axor helmet which I bought on 17th June (without knowing about this ISI mark fiasco). Axor customer care says they have the certification and they will share it on their website for owners to show cops if they’re stopped.


This is nice, thanks for the info! Personally gonna check with MT helmets if they have some similar solution.

This is a useful explainer as well:


Certainly a very good video. Thank you! Gave me some insight into what ather is probably going through in making the smart helmet possible. So many changing regulations :man_facepalming: