Is it mandatory to purchase the insurance from Ather only?

So I just asked the experience center in Thane to exclude the amount for the insurance in the final payment as I wanted to purchase one on my own. But I have been told that it is mandatory to purchase it from Ather.

Is this correct? Please advise.


No. It is not mandatory


Hmmm… okay. I’ll have to speak to them, then. The sales guys is insisting on getting the insurance from Ather itself.

Ather doesn’t sell Insurance. The dealer is pushing their choice because commissions are good!


Okay. Thank you for the heads up bro. I’ll speak to them accordingly. Any suggestions on which insurance I should go for btw?


The best I’ve had so far is TATA AIG


can go for reliance or HDFC ergo or TATA AIA

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Can anyone tell what the procedure is for the insurance? Should we go buy insurance and then show to the EC or how is it? Sorry, I’m new to this.

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Yea if you opt not to go with the insurance option available with EC then you can get your own choice of insurance after your research to fit your needs. Then submit the documents via email to Ather so that they shall proceed with registration process.

In short submit before registration process to start.

yes . for me also dealer is insisting for insurance. saying it is company insurance. pl share your experience. how much you have insurance. is it bumper to bumper or comprehensive. what is the premium you have paid

how you covered back to back or comprehensive. and amount of insurance. pl share your exp as i can insure vehicle from my end. the dealer is quoting 6941 for Ather plus

I have checked with the Mumbai Ather outlet , they too are forcing me to go with dealer insurance as that would provide them all safety and reliability.

Ather has tied up with Reliance General Insurance which they have quoted me around approx 10k where as the outside agent can get this at sumwhere around 6.9k

Mumbai and thane has been owned by same company some JG enterprises Pvt Ltd

i too contacted thane outlet as i was quoted 11.2k insurance,later insurance manager called me and explained that other insurance don’t cover rat bites on wire and other ev related coverages that’s why its expensive.Few days later Ather thane contacted if I wanna get my insurance or their.So there is an option (ended up choosing their as i would loose more money in travelling submitting documents than saving as I don’t live in thane)

Going bumper-to-bumper insurance is the best idea, it costs only 2-3k more/per year but it covers everything. Rat bite and natural cause should be asked before buying any insurance since this is out of the user’s control. I too was sceptical and did not buy the insurance from the dealer and never will, I just asked them to provide the invoice and bought HDFC ergo and submitted it back to EC. which they used to register the scooter.

Once this is done you will have to contact the Insurance provider and update the scooter registration number to them and you are done. Buying insurance from dealers will land them a huge margin, for the already expensive scooter.