Is Fast Charging Possible on This Vehicle

I search and got to know that Ather 450 have 2.61Kwh battery pack whick make sense to take about 2/3 hours for 220V and 5A… but can i charge it woth 15A so that i could fast charge at home if i make some modification. Would Battery Managment System allow me to charge at that rate?

P.S : if any technical team is seeing this please reply this :smile:


The old 450s charged at 1kW. The 450X at 800-900W.

Ather won’t let you. There’s no onboard charger and the charger you’re given is rated at 220v ~5A only athers grid points have the ability to charge with higher current. They don’t sell or lend us the fast charger sadly. But if you can somehow make a charger that authenticates with the scooter to fast charge, then it could work but nothing official. I wish ather would give us some sort of adapter for a CCS plug and allow that to fast charge our scooter at >2.5kW

has anyone figured out how the authentication or mapping works like?