Is Ather your primary vehicle?

Hey guys, I have been considering buying an Ather 450x for quite some time now and I am waiting for it to come to my city. I was just curious, how many of you own an Ather as your primary vehicle? Or is it just your “back-up” vehicle for travelling shorter distances?

Is Ather your primary vehicle?
  • Yes, this is my only vehicle
  • No, I own another e-scooter/motorcycle
  • No, I own another ICE scooter/motorcycle
  • I don’t any vehicle, but will buy soon!

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Which city do u live in? With ather grid in place u don’t need any backup vehicle,better any old ice vehicles for longer and sudden rides but grid should do most of the work.

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Hey, I live in Kolkata!

Ather is at Kolkata right? or launching very very soon as I have seen some grids at Kolkata

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Yes, I think they will be launching very soon! :crossed_fingers:t4:

Read all the post in this forum before spending your money. You have to compromise lots of things with EV. Especially ather solves many but new peoblems comes with software driven concept. So read every day for a month and then dicide.